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Reebok Announces Launch of Xpring Venture Capital Fund to Fund Ripple Currency Products and Projects

Ripple, a San Francisco-based company, announced a new project. The new project called Xpring, mainly reboxetine money to provide financial support (XRP) products and services.

At present, Ripoco has a market value of US$29 billion and is the third largest cryptocurrency in the world.

At present, many banks use the Repulse payment network, but other than banks, no other industry has yet adopted this payment network. Therefore, Reebok hopes to improve this situation through Xpring. Ruibo will cooperate with companies that use Ruibo and Ruibo’s distributed ledger technology through investments, incubations, acquisitions, and funding.

The Raybo team stated in an official statement:

Entrepreneurs and developers are the main contributors to the Swiss bank's distributed ledger code base and supporters of the Ripper currency. We often hear them say that we hope to provide them with some form of support to help them complete projects related to Ripper. As one of the few attractive blockchain companies, Reebok is one of the uniquely positioned companies and we are willing to support entrepreneurs and developers in a meaningful way.
Reebok appointed Ethan Beard to be responsible for the Xpring and Rebo developer projects. Ethan served as the head of the Facebook Developer Network from 2009 to 2012. During this three-year period, Ethan is responsible for the global developer relations, operations and product marketing of Facebook API. Prior to assuming Facebook, Ethan served as Google’s director of social media and director of new business development.

Ethan Beard said:

I am happy to help startups use new technologies to achieve better development. Blockchains and digital assets can be used to solve important problems. With its speed, scalability, and real-world application examples, Ripper is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs to build their businesses.
Ruibo Company stated that in fact, they have already injected some projects. Last month, they took part in a $150 million venture capital fund of Blockchain Capital, investing approximately $25 million in it. Blockchain Capital currently manages more than $350 million in assets, including investments in companies such as Coinbase, Circle and Kraken.

Due to the limited use of Ruibo currency, with the launch of the Xpring venture capital fund, Ruibo’s current large market share will make even greater progress. At the same time, the funded project will also create better products to gain the support of Raybo.