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How Does PHNX Token Work?
PHNX Tokens are a cryptocurrency not unlike Bitcoin. You can also use them for any online transaction that will enable you to either buy or sell services and goods on the internet. The company intends to expand its market and is planning the airdrop because of this.

At the moment, there is not a lot of information about the PHNX Tokens, but we gathered that the average price per token is currently sitting at $0.037 USD and that the last airdrop has been made on the Cryptopia exchange.

The PHNX Tokens are Ethereum-based tokens and thus, proof-of-stake tokens. This means that you can use them to gain money from staking.

PhnxToken Free Airdrop | 1 Phnx Token = $0,084

Last Pump Results: 
Exchange: Cryptopia | Pair: XPTX/BTC 
20.02.2018 | +270% Gain | 4.00 BTC Volume 

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