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Vitalik resisted the consensus meeting. What did Coindesk do?

The Consensus Conference is a blockchain summit hosted by Coindesk. It attracts a large number of start-up companies, investors, financial institutions and decision-making organizations every year, and Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, expressed his desire to boycott this year's meeting.

Vitalik announced his boycott consensus meeting through Twitter and listed three reasons.

First of all , he believes Coindesk knowingly intended to spread the coin scam. According to an article published on the site, according to OmiseGo (OMG) official blog, investors will receive an additional OMG at 1:0.3. In fact, the blog referred to in the article does not belong to the official OMG team. Vitalik even pointed out that he had already publicly clarified the matter. However, this article still appeared.

Secondly , recently, Coindesk’s coverage of EIP999 also made Vitalik unhappy. EIP999 was proposed in the middle of this month to resolve Parity's coin- spilling incident (the Ethereum was worth $264 million due to a Parity wallet vulnerability). The proposal advocates unlocking funds through hard forklift upgrades.

However, hard forking for the purpose of recovering funds is often controversial, and EIP999 is no exception. Coindesk once again talked about EIP999 in this week’s article , and expressed the view that Ethereum may once again be on the brink of blockchain fragmentation.

Therefore, Vitalik believes that this article has the suspicion of guiding the mood of the community, after all, whether the EIP999 can pass the eight-character yet. In addition, Coindesk asked Eitelton developer Péter Szilágyi about EIP999. However, Szilágyi had not yet had time to reply and the article was sent out.

Finally , Vitalik also mentioned that all the gossip disclosures to Coindesk are likely to be packaged as official news.

In fact, these three reasons mentioned by Vitalik are all issues that the media needs to pay attention to. Blockchain media is the vanguard of the industry. Neutrality and truth are the most basic principles.

Since the beginning of this year, the number of blockchain media has surged, but while everyone is catching up with the trend of the blockchain, should we calm down and think about how exactly we can promote the healthy development of the blockchain domain rather than blindly Seek short-term benefits.