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Iceland: "Bitcoin mining machine theft" was arrested after behind the scenes

Icelandic "bitcoin miner theft" behind the scenes Sindri Thor Stefansson jailbreaked last week. He fled the prison in Iceland and took a flight to Sweden. Then it was discovered.

Stefansson stated that he should not be detained because the police just doubt him and there is no conclusive evidence.

According to reports, Stefansson was arrested in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The international arrest warrant against him will extradite him to Iceland.

Stefansson was jailed on suspicion of participating in the largest theft in Iceland’s history, involving $2 million worth of bitcoin mining equipment. Stefansson believes that his rights have been violated because he was only a suspect and the arrest warrant he had executed expired when he fled the Sogni prison.

Stefansson told Icelandic local media Frettabladid that the judge’s verdict had expired on April 16. There is no evidence that he can be detained again. He is free.

According to reports, he said:

If the judge deprived me of my liberty from a legal point of view, I would not try to escape from prison.
He further stated that there is no evidence for these punitive measures against him, including the fact that he will face a longer period of separation.

I refused because the police threatened to arrest me without explanation.

His ticket is not his own name and does not require border checks.

Stefansson argued that the judge spent 24 hours to decide whether to detain the suspect. While awaiting the judge’s decision, he went to a restaurant and booked a flight to Sweden. The report stated that after a few hours, the judge ruled that he "continued to detain."

Stefansson said he was ashamed of his escape, but he was "angry" about being in prison for more than two months, and there was no evidence that he planned robbery. In addition, he said that since his escape from prison, his family was harassed by the media.

Before he was arrested in Amsterdam, Stefansson told Frettabladid that he wanted to go home to deal with this situation.

Allegedly, Stefansson was accused of organizing a gang to steal cryptocurrency mining equipment during December and January of this year. The investigation of the case may have been transferred to Spain. According to reports, Stefansson purchased an apartment in Spain.