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Litecoin is the second most popular crypto currency in darknet

According to analysts conducted by Recorded Future research, Litecoin's crypto currency came second after bitcoin in popularity in the darknet markets. It is reported .

The report says that specialists from Recorded Future analyzed 150 popular darknet services, including bulletin boards and marketplays. The study was conducted to study the dynamics of growth in the use of altcoyins for illegal operations, against the background of growing commissions in the network of bitcoins.

"The rapid growth of the popularity of bitcoin among individuals, speculators, and institutional investors created a huge burden on the block in mid-2017, which led to a significant increase in transaction commissions," the document says.

The report also says that despite the growing discontent of the first crypto currency as a means of payment from "members of the cybercrime underground", by the middle of 2016 the vast majority of darknet platforms added the possibility of accepting payments in bitcoin.

In addition, the study shows a significant increase in the popularity of the Montero crypto currency (XMR) among the English-language darknet platforms. The share of XMR in this niche is 15%.

The specific weight of LTC among the English-language darknet marketplays is 11%. At the same time, the Ethereum (ETH) and DASH crypto-currencies are represented on 9% of the platforms of the English-speaking segment of this market.

A slightly different situation on the Eastern European platforms, where Litecoin is added as a payment option for 35% of the services, DASH - by 24%, BCH - 15%, ETH - 9%, ZEC - 4% and XMR - 3%.

Recall, at the end of last year, Europol noted the increase in the use of a darknet crypto currency Zcash, Monero and Ethereum .