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Bitcoin Mining and Sustainability: This Canadian farm uses animal-machine heat to fish

One greenhouse and one fish farm in Canada are using the heat generated by bitcoin mining to get it working, which proves that Bitcoin mining will become a sustainable model in the future.

Connected to the greenhouse and fish farm, this bitcoin mine leads the way in the development of sustainable energy. The owner, Bruce Hardy, hopes to create a sustainable food system. The heat generated by the miner heats the plants in the greenhouse and the fish in the pond, while the wastewater from the ponds is ideal for growing plants and crops because of the nitrate-rich content.

Hardy used to work on software development and Bitcoin mining, so he is no stranger to the heat generated by hardware servers and bitcoin mining machines. In an interview, he said:

Bitcoin miner is a great replacement for a server that produces the same amount of calories that we can use for agricultural development.

sustainable development

Some miners use miner heat for indoor heating, while Hardy prefers to focus on sustainable applications. He chose an abandoned car museum for a series of operations.

Hardy pointed out that he also hired staff with bitcoin earnings.

Bitcoin mining income so I can afford the cost of inviting others, I can show people our agricultural innovation.

Due to its cold local environment and abundant hydropower resources, low-cost energy makes it a destination for cryptocurrencies mining.

Bitcoin mining is also popular in the cold regions of northern China for low electricity bills, while competition from Canada helps to protect the decentralization of Bitcoin. Innovation in sustainable development can help bitcoin miners increase revenue while easing fears of accelerating resource consumption from mining.