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Zhu Bo, founder of the Dreamer Fund: Three Views of the Blockchain

On December 21, 2017, the "China Blockchain Innovation Summit (Shenzhen)" co-sponsored by Babbitt, the original chain and the Dreamer Fund was grandly opened. The forum invites representatives of venture capital institutions, financial institutions, law firms and business leaders of blockchain. With the theme of "blockchain technology, value interconnection of industries and capital and ecological outlook", the forum features keynote speeches and roundtable dialogues , Conducted in-depth discussions on risk investment in the area of ​​blockchains at home and abroad, legal supervision, exploration of advanced technologies in the blockchain, and application of industrial applications.

Babbitt founder Chang Yao, than the original founder of the chain Duan Xinxing, founder of the Dream Valley Fund founder Zhu Bo, IDG Capital Partners Tong Chen, Zhong Lun Wende law firm senior partner Chen Yunfeng and other guests attended the forum .

Zhu Bo, founder of the Dreamer Fund, gave a keynote speech entitled "Three Views of the Blockchain." The core points of Zhu Bo's speech are as follows: 
1. Today's opportunities in the area of ​​blockchain are similar to those in the Internet Age in 2000 and the Mobile Internet Age in 2011-2012.

2, the future in the area of ​​blockchain, will certainly be born one hundred billion, trillion dollar company.

3, the block chain is 80, 90 after the world, because after 60, 70 people to talk about Internet thinking has been a little difficult, go talk about blockchain thinking more difficult.

The following is Zhu Bo speech record:

Especially like the words of Nagaharu: blockchain thinking, I have a confusion before: why the world so much change? I started as a technology entrepreneur. I was the first to make communication technology and internet technology. The reason why I often have a lot of conflicts with many Huawei people in Huawei in the past few years is that many people use the communication head to think about the Internet. We all talked about the Internet in the past few years, and everyone talked about the Internet.

I've been thinking that the blockchain today has brought a major change. Maybe many of today's mainstream investors and a lot of mainstream media still do not understand this blockchain technology and look down upon such status. Recently, I met a very large number of people in these days, and in the past two or three months I have gone up and down the blockchain. So in the process I've been rethinking this thing. What happened? Because I came into contact with the blockchain very early, it has not been formally entered and has been looking outside. Until August, I started to think that the next peak in the blockchain came up soon. So I've been thinking about how to define the blockchain and what happens to our industry. So I just talked about the blockchain thinking I think great, he gave us a lot of Internet thinking conflict.

Yesterday I saw a very cattle Chinese man in bitcoin circles in Beijing. During my conversation with him, I found that I could not find a balance. Many of my thinking models were in conflict with my own Internet model. Yesterday I was always reflecting on this matter. What changed my thinking concept? Why did I want to enter the whole blockchain? But I found out that my thinking mode did not come back. Today I think I did use blockchain Mode, to decentralized mode, just talked about the difference between the bit world and the atomic world.

We all agree that it is very cow-like to jump from the atomic world to the bit-world. I suddenly found that today I am going to return to the atomic world and let all competition be full. We see that the Internet world is an asymmetric competition. It is monopolistic, so many times the Internet giant is formed. When the Internet was originally created, WWW said that every node was fair at the time, and now every node is unfair. Some giant nodes have very large energy and even hijacked an industry. Therefore, the development of the Internet in 15 years and 20 years is already a reverse distribution of the relatively normal distribution of normal changes.

Many of our entrepreneurs are talking about TMD and BAT, and now the giants in the industry have undergone many changes, but many of our entrepreneurs have been puzzled, what if these giants want to compete with you? We have been able to bypass the death of entrepreneurship and initial investment. This is the strange phenomenon caused by 15 years and 20 years of mobile internet. Most of our businesses are start-ups, but we have a very high death rate, which is more than the death rate of our businesses in the 1980s and 1990s When the time comes even more brutal, at that time you can still open a shop, your business today in the Internet, your mortality rate has greatly increased. Therefore, the blockchain technology is in fact allowing the entire undertaking and the entire ecology to return to the essence of nature and return to full competition. In particular, I feel that the future development is waving to us. Today I talk about my point of view.

I started my business in 1996, I went to the market and I also did it in Huawei. I made my own investment for about 6 years and invested about 150 companies, so basically I was on the front line of business, and I put my Investment as a business, I agree that in the business of investment and investment are inseparable, I invest as a business, invest in business, so investment and entrepreneurship as my life is very important, I can enjoy life, life-long Can work with everyone. Today, we mainly talk about three concepts.

First of all, I talk about the concept of blockchain days. We often talk about times and places, and when we talk about the true days of blockchain technology, we have undergone major changes in the industry today. We have been innovating from the industry model and have been commercial innovations in the mobile Internet since 2000 , To today has entered the technological innovation, in my opinion, technological innovation is based on blockchain, artificial intelligence, IOT, 5G technology, including cloud computing, etc. These cutting-edge technology, a series of basic technologies The promotion of these technologies has given us a great opportunity for the future development.
I have always thought of one thing, what kind of world we will survive in the next five years and 10 years from now. This morning there is a circle of people told me, he said Zhu total you know? Will there be a bank after five years and there will be no bank after 10 years? My answer may be that the bank may have another form in the near future, not what we know today as the bank because we The future development of decentralized development will intensify. All of our network status today is hostage by many nodes.

The future through the blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, can make each of our nodes have become very intelligent, and very fair. I'm thinking the future may not be the case we have, as we have in every industry has a giants, so many of our lives are the monopoly of the industry rules and giants monopoly, entrepreneurs feel their own development is greatly constrained I think the next five years and 10 years later will be very big changes. When I was investing in angels, the mobile Internet was just a wave of waves at that time. We invested a lot of companies in 2012. Nearly 40% of those companies at that time were doing pretty well today. Some companies have reached hundreds of millions of profits. Forty percent of companies have become leaders in our industry, just as in 2000 when you did the internet, you had a chance to grow quickly. So the internet age in 2012 is that era. Let's compare this blockchain today and give us new opportunities that I think are similar to the Internet age in 2000 and the Mobile Internet age in 2011-2012.

Today we are going through the blockchain to start a business can completely reshape an industry is not to create a new industry, there is a huge opportunity, I hope that many entrepreneurs can seriously think, including many investors are serious Think about some new opportunities this blockchain brings to our future. I have always put it more than ever, today is a correct era. So I had a blockchain internal roadshow in Shanghai in September. I told many people that I myself am sorry to say that in the past few years, it has been said that the blockchain is not despised. I think the time has not yet come , Has not been involved, is the bystander of the blockchain, did not jump down in person, I said to the participants at the meeting that day, I said I now come in wholeheartedly, I am willing to tell everyone in the blockchain To find more opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship, the blockchain can be returned to the value itself, do not let us investors or entrepreneurs, or the government feel this is a pseudo-technology, pseudo-science, or even considered a fraud.

We must reshape the value of the blockchain. This is the value of the meeting we are going to open today because all of you here are by no means to say what scams we are going to make today. What are the pitfalls to make that? Among them, we should play our own talents, find new bright spots in our own business and investment, and lay our own foundation for the future development of the blockchain. So I think that today we talk about the blockchain as completely different from the ICOs we talked about in June and July because we really want to create our future with our own technologies and perspectives. Therefore, I think everyone can really recognize that in this industry Think about it and look for opportunities, so I think today we are awesome.

The second is geography. Today China's development has reached the frontier of the world. In the same area of ​​blockchain technology, China is completely backward. And I think that the blockchain addicts and enthusiasts and entrepreneurs in China are better than the rest of the world The sum of all blockchain lovers adds up even more. We have a lot of people today who are eager to hope that BAT can become the future BAT in the future development of the blockchain. I think it is possible. If future trillion-dollar companies and 100-billion-dollar companies are born, I believe they will be certain This is certain in the blockchain, or in the combination of these industries with the blockchain technology.

Therefore, we think that China is already at the forefront of the blockchain. As a practitioner in our blockchain, we have this responsibility to carry this flag and apply the blockchain to all sectors of our domestic industry. Not only are we Internet finance, and even the traditional Internet. This is something we should do. At this point, I think there is one more thing that we are all about China, the technology of China and the business model of China has been exported all over the world. I am very much We hope that through the innovation of each of us, we can apply some of our technology and blockchain technology in the world because the blockchain itself has no boundaries and the blockchain can be applied to all parts of the world. Today we can say that in China The establishment of a blockchain company, a blockchain technology industry is a global industry.

In the course of business start-up, if all the entrepreneurs say that I am a global one, if your company may be a nationwide company in Beijing, starting a business in Guangdong may be a regional company in Guangdong. This is the value we generate. But today if we blockchain technology in Shenzhen, China, Shanghai, if you set up a company, in fact this is a global company, we must use the global point of view to see our entire blockchain for the global industry and industry have a huge The change, that is, our geographical view is very good.

The third is people and, in the overall development process, the blockchain really belongs to the world after 80 and 90, and why? Blockchain thinking, the production of a person's mind with 60, after 70 to talk about Internet thinking is a bit difficult, go talk about blockchain thinking more difficult, so today we need to make thinking through the blockchain As our younger generation has grown rapidly, so today I am 90, and after 80, when it comes to showing itself in the blockchain world, we should bravely come out to inject new strength into our blockchain.

We now have the expectation that we hope to be able to build a new blockchain ecosystem together with some of the world's cattle and domestic entrepreneurs in the blockchain so we make a new strategic cooperation with Babbitt, Some of the upstream and downstream industries we invest in, and we are willing to cooperate with the original chain of businesses we will give priority to how the combination of equity can help you succeed, I myself recently there will be some new technology, the world Some excellent people in the blockchain including Russia, the United States and others are organized together to see how we can make our blockchain technology better all over the world.

As I mentioned earlier, I have invested time and space. We monetize the celebrity time and make celebrity time and the blockchain join together to carry out some cooperation than the original chain and space shuttle. In the space-time shuttle platform we see the celebrities around the world, you want to meet with Trump above, of course, you can also meet about our domestic investment in coffee, of course, can meet with me, I also hope to be with everyone Meet, because in the future time can still truly through the blockchain technology, through time-monetization technology so that everyone's time to play a greater value.

In the future, we will have more applications applied to our blockchain technology, and we hope to meet the good people in our investment community, including the blockchain community. We recently co-hosted a blockchain training session with Babbitt. We would like to systematically talk about the application of the blockchain including future development. Overall, we hope it is a blockchain plumber. You are a craftsman. We give You send water, send shovels, we send you the funds needed in the blockchain, including ecology, and I hope we in Shenzhen can become the new birthplace of the blockchain. Thank you!