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What is the future of personal data? Robin8 wants to send data back to the user through the blockchain and achieve a precise portrait

What is the future of personal data? At an e-commerce conference in Alibaba yesterday, Robin8 is showing how they are returning data to users and how to capture everyone's interests and information through the blockchain

The past two years, known as the golden age of content startups, online V's "One Hundred Plus" articles often detonated circle of friends, offerings are also rising. However, as advertisers, there is no accurate and true way to evaluate the effectiveness of advertisements except for the not-so-strict evaluation criteria of conversion rates reported by all major VCs. On the other hand, apart from the key opinion leaders, The role is often overlooked; at the same time, original content protection has never been proven.

In an age when everyone is self-media, no matter whether it is a big network or a small opinion leader, each person's influence has value. So, how can personal influence be realized? How can advertisers precisely measure the value of their ads? How to protect personal information from being abused? Recently, Robin8, a two-year veteran in the advertising and marketing industry, wanted to solve this problem through blockchain.

How artificial intelligence and big data can help in advertising marketing

Robin8 founder Miranda Tan grew up in the United States, graduated from St. John's University and Cornell University, as a continuous entrepreneur, she has 15 years of experience in the field of public relations and marketing. In 2015, Miranda formed Robin8 team in New York, hoping to change the traditional advertising marketing model through artificial intelligence and big data.

Robin8 how to solve the problem of traditional digital marketing? Robin8's key technologies are artificial intelligence and big data, training machines to portray "people," rank and match people to brands to deliver higher ROIs for ads. In addition, the company provides automated tracking, transparency, third-party digital ad verification, social media, ecommerce evaluation, and data management systems.

Over the past two years, Robin8 has relied on its own artificial intelligence and big data technologies to portray user portraits of more than 30 million Red Web and over 200,000 small V opinion leaders on the platform.

Robin8's customers include Unilever, Porsche, United Students, Galaxy Macau Resort City, Po King Electric, Macy's, WPP, Omnicom Media Group, and Publicis by virtue of its technology leadership. Robin8, meanwhile, has completed more than 5,000 marketing campaigns involving Retailers, KOLs and V-opinion leaders, has seen rapid revenue growth and has offices in New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Robin8's achievements in the professional field attracted a large number of investors, including Linear Capital, Pre Angel, SOS Ventures, Hua Rui Internet, Kai Chai Capital and 365 investment.

Blockchain to solve the data attribution, authenticity and other fundamental issues

However, during the two years of startup, Miranda found that the falsification of data and data is still a major challenge in digital marketing. Miranda tells us

"In the original digital marketing segment, there was in fact an invisible black box among advertisers, opinion leaders, and consumers, which greatly reduced visibility and data self-control in the black box." In the long run, data abuse and fraud became Normal. "
By chance, through a referral from an investor, Miranda got to know the quantum chain team and communicated with each other. The two sides worked together to develop Robin8 based on the quantum chain, fundamentally solving the problem of data ownership and data authenticity.

Robin8 integration of the blockchain with the original platform What is the difference? Miranda introduction,

"Blockchain can not be faked, which provides advertisers with absolute transparency and allows users to master their own data and protect their privacy, including personal data, intellectual property and content copyright." In addition, the use of blockchain Broad community, but also more conducive to expanding our user base to help more users to join in. "

What are the benefits to KOLs on Robin8? On Robin 8's blockchain platform, each registered user will have a unique blockchain ID, and the more social data it binds, the more data is recorded on the blockchain, and the more reliable The higher the system will be based on data contribution to each user rating, determine the corresponding contribution points. Each user's associated friends on the social network, every time reading, sharing, and content creation will be recorded by the blockchain and receive some token incentives.

The data contributed by the user is used by the existing big data and artificial intelligence systems to portray the user, rank it, and match it with the brand. On the one hand, advertisers no longer have to suffer from fake data to achieve precise delivery and get a better return on their investment; on the other hand, apart from the opinion leaders, the red net and the opinion leaders, they can also gain their own influence Value feedback. At the same time, the chase traceability of the blockchain enables the original content to be more easily protected by copyright. Everyone's data is in their own hands, and the call must be authorized and the data value should be maximized.

Blockchain LinkedIn: From B2B to C2C
In fact, Robin8 want to bring more profound changes to the advertising and marketing industry. Traditional advertising is mostly B2B, like the new list, which offers weekly rankings to KOL purchases, although most of its focus is on Big V, with limited service available for smaller KOLs. Another example of other KOL agencies, most of the purchase through the intermediary, this model is difficult to expand the scale.

So, aside from the B2B advertising segment and the related investments in hospitals, schools, and government, Robin8 is actually focused on the broader C2C advertising marketing market. This means that not only KOL, but not fully concerned about the "prime" and long tail market can play its value in Robin8.

Miranda said,

"In addition to the B2B ads, a bigger part of what we're doing is getting everyone to have all the information about them in their blockchain throughout their life, like what they like, what they eat, what games they play What kind of exercise they are doing, etc. To some extent, the information they provide builds their entire life as a second life on the blockchain, and everyone can use their information for Anywhere they want it. "
Miranda takes a vivid example. Robin8 is like LinkedIn based on the blockchain. On LinkedIn you can see everyone attending colleges and companies, and in the future on Robin8, you can see every Personal interests and hobbies, through the machine learning and big data to build user portraits, advertisers can achieve precise delivery, and no longer subject to the bogus data.

Robin8's attention C2C advertising marketing model, and blockchain's distributed and peer-to-peer concept exactly fit, which is ignored by the existing advertising marketing market, but also means a larger blue ocean.

Talking about the future plan, Miranda introduced based on the quantum chain, the next step will be to add zero knowledge of the algorithm to ensure user privacy, is expected to be completed in April 18; and will be introduced in September 18 PUT wallet, integrated into the Robin8 phone application.

In general, Robin8 redefined the use of user portraits through blockchain, starting with advertising campaigns on social networks, changing existing ad-based ecosystems, returning data rights to users, To advertisers, thus giving advertisers, advertisers, consumers and more to provide a win-win solution.

Think about the future, on Robin8, each user can manage their own social data, and can make money through social networks, is not it cool?