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What is the experience of losing 1000 bitcoins? The lesson of blood tells you the importance of backing up

An Australian recounted the story of his coin litigation to the local press, losing his seven-figure bitcoin. He also made it public at the same time to emphasize the importance of saving private keys to other Bitcoin users.

Alex started digging for bitcoin just because he was curious about the technology, when he had never thought about the price of bitcoin going up so crazy. He said:

We do not think Bitcoin can reach that size in the tech community as a whole. I mine only out of interest ... It's a novelty to connect our PC hardware to a global network. In the early stages of GPU mining, a video card could dig up a lot of coins a day.
At the time, Alex kept his wallet files on a USB stick, and until 2013, when the bitcoin price reached $ 1,000, he remembered that he had bitcoin. After finally finding the USB flash drive, he tried to recover the file, but the USB flash drive was damaged. He said the U disk is cheap, is made in China.

Alex's 1000 bitcoin is already more than $ 10 million at the current price. He said the disaster was the biggest mistake he had made in his life.

At first I thought these files were stored offline and not on my computer, meaning that even if my computer had any problems - broken or attacked - I still had a backup ... But now I know, You can not back up your data on cheap disks or USB sticks.
Although this is not a smooth start, Alex is still very persistent on cryptocurrency. He said he had dug a lot of Ethereum since the beginning of the year. And that one day Ethereum can make up for the loss of bitcoin lost.