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Waves Platform released an updated version of the client

The Waves team presented a public beta version of the client (v. 1.0). According to the representatives of the project, they managed to create the "most powerful and convenient" block-platform.

As stated in the project blog , the developers worked on the new version of the client for 18 months. As a result, the interface was completely redesigned, which, according to representatives of Waves , is now "comparable with the best banking and trading platforms."

"The result of the work was a clean and elegant user interface with intuitive and simple navigation, allowing any user to access the powerful platform functionality," - reported in the blog.

Among the client updates, one can note the assignment of unique identifiers and avatars to accounts, for the convenience of their recognition; completely revised elements of the interface, displaying the sending and receiving of transactions, assets in the portfolio, their cost, as well as the history of operations with them. Token Launcher and Leasing are also extended.

Recall, the project team is preparing to launch a new algorithm of consensus Waves NG , activation of which is scheduled for December 22. According to company representatives, the new algorithm will make Waves "the fastest decentralized platform in the world."