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US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) focus on cryptocurrencies, the fund investing in cryptocurrencies is triggering new problems

The director of the investment management office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said that the agency is assessing the issues involved in the preparation of cryptocurrencies for newly registered funds.

At last week's ICI Securities Law Development Conference in Washington, DC, Dalia Blass, director of SEC investment management, gave some questions about how the agency is working to solve the problems for companies that are holding and investing in fully digital assets.

Blass told the participants:

"We're going to continue thinking about new innovations in asset management, for example, we've seen several documents about the cryptocurrencies held by the SEC, which have been registered with the SEC. Like any new product, we have some issues To ask."
Some of these open issues include how to differentiate between different types of assets and whether they provide investors with sufficient information about the risks involved.

Blass continues:

"How do these funds fit in with existing regulatory programs and what is the regulatory structure for the market? We discuss these issues as we process these documents."
The SEC is now increasingly active on the blockchain, including a warning to ICO projects involving U.S. investors. In September, the agency sued a New York businessman for violating the anti-fraud law, a businessman allegedly engaged in the sale of deceptive tokens. Recently, the SEC's newly formed Cyber ​​Unit accused an ICO project organizer of alleged fraud , a project that the ICO project had previously been the target of a Canadian regulator.