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US Olympic sled team - accepting bitcoin donations to detonate the South Korea Winter Olympics

Last weekend, the United States Olympic sled team announced that they were the first Olympic team to promote and accept bitcoin donations in China. Two months before the opening of the Winter Olympics in South Korea, they have had enough time to promote the cool way to make bitcoin while promoting the crazy and cool Olympics .

Ty Danco, a cryptocurrency investor and former Olympian, said:

"This is a good fit for the team. The Sled is not a short-term, but long-term. Sled team will keep donating bitcoins until the 2022 and 2026 Olympics, because they want the money to be able Supports the entire team to reach the World Cup level, and subsidizes them to tap new recruits. "

Now it seems perfect. The price of bitcoin should reach $ 19,000 on the global exchange. Leveraging Bitcoins, the U.S. Olympic sled team will be excited next February because the Korean are so crazy about digital currency. This is the first time Korea hosts the Winter Olympics, and about 88 countries will participate.

"Bitcoin is still in its infancy, and it is wise for the U.S. Bobs to embark on this wave."

Ty Danco congratulates. The earliest recorded example of the impact of digital currency on the Olympics was in 2014, when dogecoin funded Jamaica's sleigh team.