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Two potential new outlet "blockchain" and "artificial intelligence" combined, whether it can 1 +1> 2?

On December 21, 2017, the "China Blockchain Innovation Summit (Shenzhen)" co-sponsored by Babbitt, the original chain and the Dreamer Fund was grandly opened. The forum invites representatives of venture capital institutions, financial institutions, law firms and business leaders of blockchain. With the theme of "blockchain technology, value interconnection of industries and capital and ecological outlook", the forum features keynote speeches and roundtable dialogues , Conducted in-depth discussions on risk investment in the area of ​​blockchains at home and abroad, legal supervision, exploration of advanced technologies in the blockchain, and application of industrial applications.

At the third roundtable in the afternoon, Gao Qingzhong, the founder of ATmatricx, presided over the forum and talked with guests present at CTO Longyu, OBEN Nikhil, CEO Leo Zhen and EditorAi CEO Liu Binghan to discuss whether blockchain can feed back artificial intelligence and solve labor The plight of smart cash flow, and the topics of how artificial intelligence and blockchain will develop in the future.

The following is a live record:

Gao Qingzhong: Last month we went to Singapore to attend the meeting, devoted to discussing artificial intelligence and blockchain. First, please introduce yourself.

Nikhil: We started our business in Los Angeles in 2014 and we just completed $ 140 billion in investment in June of this year. Since last year we planned to make a landing when our personalized AI technology was mature. What we did was everyone's labor Intelligence, my own AI clone, is quite different from some of the other AI directions and technologies, so everybody is going to build a relationship with their own AI, and I'm looking at something else I believe when it comes to artificial intelligence is not a liar that developed artificial intelligence to lie to my money. We combine personalized AI technology with blockchain, and my other identity is the blockchain AI Pai project, and we are also Ambassadors of the Pai chain.

Lei Zhen: Hi everyone, we are the trading platform for high-quality AI digital assets. I want to combine artificial intelligence with asset trading. Because the company I was doing was a solution that provided both intelligent language and artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence There is a lot to be done about wind control and artificial intelligence. I want to combine digital asset trading platforms with artificial intelligence. I now co-founded another platform with headquarters in Ethiopia.

Liu Binghan: Hello everyone. We are doing the rating of the blockchain companies. Based on the white paper and the content of the contract, I know many people today talk about the supervision of the blockchain. In the future, there may be brokerages and related investment banks in the blockchain. Want to do is the blockchain financing institutions. I would like to tell you a story. Everyone said that there is a bubble now. Let us recall that in 1860, not only was China in the Opium War, but also various riots in the United States. In 1860, railway bonds and mining bonds, we found There was a man who put forward a concept in 1860. All of the bubbles burst in 1920, and the then good bonds that were discovered at that time were low-risk, and we are so. Many people want to introduce our company in one sentence. Many exchanges say that we want to do blockchain on Nasdaq. We want to do is Moody's in the area of ​​blockchain, because we have over 2 in natural speech processing and machine learning Years of experience, we used to serve a number of consulting and financial media, so in the white paper we will use the machine out of a meaning, to all investors do a reference. We see a lot of unprofitable white papers, and we find that many white papers are about to plant bananas in Russia, and everybody wants to buy his bananas. Many investors will not look at his smart contract, in fact, it is a fraud project, our goal is to use our technology to help you distinguish what is good and what bad things.

Long Yu: Hi everyone, I am a co-founder of Babbitt. Do we now have a link that is more primitive than this chain and artificial intelligence? Here we present an innovative POW algorithm to support the AI ​​chip and combine it with the original chain. Why do we propose this idea, we know Bitcoin chip mining can only be used to make some hash calculation, if after the elimination of this chip has no effect, we propose such an algorithm than the original chain, we can do AI algorithm Application, at the same time as our original chain than the example of the provider to maintain our combination than the original chain network, maintain security situation. Of course, there is a law to know that you are digging at the same time, you can actually do some calculations of AI, this situation will lead to security problems. Here we put forward such a situation, not using these AI chips At the same time, we can provide some artificial intelligence cloud computing acceleration services, and at the same time, we can promote the development of the entire artificial intelligence cloud computing service. This is the beginning and the most important thing we want to do.

Gao Qingzhong: I am Gao Qingzhong. I studied artificial intelligence 18 years ago. At that time, I gave the direction of artificial intelligence. My mentor was also artificial intelligence. At that time, I also spent 18 years at Huawei, mainly technical strategy. I have a special feeling about artificial intelligence, including the blockchain project, including projects abroad. We have now Ethereum has done it, has been open beta, and now is doing, behind the other projects are also doing. When I was in Guizhou Big Data in May this year, I personally gave me instructions on how to do this with Ethereum. After they heard that your first project must be done to us, this is the smart integration we did at that time. Now we are going further to use blockchain technology in this industry in turn, to help artificial intelligence to share the network built up, different multi-center distributed platform together, and now we are constantly moving forward, this is A very good place for us to combine with artificial intelligence. We would like to ask our guests to talk about the relationship between your artificial intelligence and the nodes of the blockchain, the artificial intelligence and the blockchain.
Nikhil: Because we do each of our own artificial intelligence, so when we do artificial intelligence development, we divided into two systems, one is concentrated in the cloud computing system with the depth of learning, for each small data we use the transfer Learning, so we should be one of the earliest startups in the world to apply for transfer learning. Now in the blockchain, we also confirm the relationship between the owner and our own artificial intelligence through the authentication of the blockchain. With this trust, the owner can contribute more data and invoke our artificial intelligence operations on the blockchain Algorithms that train more of your own AI skills and have more skills AI can be better applied to his everyday life, for example, we are going to go online with a photo or a very short recording You can train your own artificial intelligence avatar training, this virtual form can imitate you to speak, sing, when you are busy can help you to take care of some things. In the future, human flesh will die out, but in the form of artificial intelligence at the ideological level, it can continue to interact with the world through the way of blockchain preservation, so that people will never die in their thinking.

Lei Zhen: Talk about the combination of artificial intelligence and exchange. Artificial Intelligence When doing risk control, there is an irregularity when it comes to traditional wind control. However, artificial intelligence can provide great efficiency, except for some basic information, including what kind of behavior his immigration and departure experience. Artificial Intelligence can be a coin, we are a headache when we choose a currency, and the token is already over 100,000 levels. Artificial Intelligence as an assistant, I can voice, voice assistants open, directly say how much the price to buy, our APP can be identified, you can place an order. Exchange is a total risk control, election currency, as well as when you are inconvenient to help you through intelligent voice assistant. Now that we've put it on Smart Wind and Money, we can control it when you're inconvenient and it's more convenient for many people to do. My previous company was to provide intelligent voice solutions and machine identification, and how much intelligence there is now how much labor there is. Big data annotation, data sharing, and if combined with artificial intelligence, you may find that the big data of a hundred times or even thousands of times.

Liu Binghan: I have two levels of thinking on this issue. One is the application level. The other is the technology level. At the application level, our own attempt is mainly the cloud company (homonym). The easiest is to do some white paper for People who do not know the ecology of the blockchain can easily tell. There are two technical aspects, we have done two years of natural language and machine learning related projects, we encountered difficult annotations, such as picture annotation, requires a lot of manpower, we can put all the marked work through artificial intelligence On the blockchain so that everyone can use the blockchain to help us mark up all the weights, because the benefits of a smart contract can come with a feature that can greatly reduce AI's start-up costs. The second point, we all know tools like Ethereum, I found that these mines actually pick up all kinds of currencies, is there any possibility, in the very low hash, we can predict the future What is the hash, and then predict the future price of the currency, if this value does not exceed the cost of doing blockchain, is it right? Can we cut into our AI company, to help us count this thing? In fact, this aspect of our company also made some exploration in this respect, and we also applied for related patents. However, no matter it is artificial intelligence or blockchain, it is a very possible direction for future development of computing sharing. Now many giants like Baidu, these companies, in fact, they occupy a lot of data, I think small start-ups want to compete with them blockchain is a good way.

Long Yu: Maybe I am a blockchain industry person, in fact, I am not the application of the field of artificial intelligence is not particularly understood, but I still have very deep thinking about their own blockchain field, why the blockchain success? Why is the application of decentralization now developing so fast, why can be relative to beyond the center of the application? One of the biggest problems we can think of as the middle is the question of efficiency. What is the efficiency? Efficiency is power consumption, and we can know very well how much dermatoglyphs we need for each instruction for each specific data calculation, why the blockchain is successful, and at its maximum, power consumption or Is the efficiency value to an extreme, it is the market normal system. Artificial intelligence is a matter of time, in theory I do not quite understand, but it must be the relationship between performance, if it is some application of artificial intelligence, the use of some power or energy beyond the use of things, it must not Up, and will be eliminated by the process of social development, why do we do such things, we think the key to the development of artificial intelligence is the chip. We all know Apple X came out, we discussed so hot, our artificial intelligence into a new era, then I think it is the emergence of faceID chip, including face calculation, including the calculation of big data, in fact, does not necessarily need to In the cloud, we can do it with minimal power consumption in the midrange scenario, something that must be a more advanced mode than the others. Why artificial intelligence chips are not as fast as chips or chips like the other kind of examples, and the chips that are produced are not necessarily for the benefit of others, or are not well used by others So much so that it does not have to be used in the production of the first generation of chips or has a large inventory and no more profitability gains and no more input into his own market and more investment Large funds to produce second-generation or third-generation such chips. For us to consider than the original chain, through the block chain eco-market incentive system, we can stimulate the entire AI chip while protecting our safety than the original chain, or reduce the degree of integration or power consumption in the AI ​​industry or In the case of optimization, we think this piece of cooperation than the original chain and AI, or a consensus algorithm to mine it than the original chain and AI, we think this set of mechanisms is the optimal creation, than the original chain When you can get more than the original currency, if we have more applications than the original chain, get more than the original currency can be sold, including the production of mining machine manufacturers can sell more

Gao Qingzhong: We all know that artificial intelligence in this industry, although technologically more advanced, but the common aspects of the development is very slow, including the sharing of collaboration between different AI vendors is also very difficult, because not a AI company to integrate other home, it means There is a multi-center problem, but how multi-center coordination, sub-account, this is the best blockchain, so think of using blockchain technology to solve such problems. Artificial intelligence and application scenarios are very closely integrated, in fact, productivity issues. As we all know in the blockchain, especially in the digital currency, the solution to the problem of the distribution, management and transfer of wealth and the entire relationship of production leads to a very good evolution in all aspects of society. Artificial intelligence and Blockchain is very interesting, but also represents the direction of future development. We now put forward the next question, many people think that although AI has been 60 years, but its technology development and industrial application is still in its infancy, the blockchain is the initial stage, artificial intelligence and blockchain two primary Stage of things together, how can we develop better?

Nikhil: I remember going to Blockchain EXPO just two weeks ago in Silicon Valley because our company combined both AI and the blockchain, which is a superb venue with blockchain fairs and artificial intelligence fairs that are very large. I think from the point of view of the development of the entire industry in the United States, we have put together the three hottest sectors in the last two years to allow everyone to converge. For our projects such as ObEN and PAI, we focus on our own AI, and the key challenge we face with blockchain certification and deployment is from a human perspective, why do people now need their own AI, blockchain Use from a white point of view is very inconvenient. Our company's layout has inherent advantages. Our company in Hollywood, Los Angeles, was the creator of our angels at Oben's early start-up days. We have a new copyright in the United States called artificial intelligence. We have signed many stars in Asia Copyright of artificial intelligence in the United States is doing artificial intelligence copyright is doing, their star's artificial intelligence copyright, the artificial intelligence star on the block chain it's fans come naturally, we use the perspective of investment in IP To solve consumer blockchain products in the AI ​​What am I doing, if my idol will come to us.

Ray Zhen: For example, we train a speech model, according to the previous computing power we may training about a month, but now we only three days to train finished, this is a huge upgrade, and the block chain itself in some places It's inefficient and efficient in some places. For example, trust, blockchain, the technology itself is to reduce the cost of trust, we can not trust the contractual relationship. There is much consensus on blockchain and artificial intelligence, at least in terms of cost reduction and efficiency. Artificial intelligence has been developing for decades, and the amount of AI financing in recent years should be in the tens of billions of dollars. When there is a lot in common between a productive force and a productive relationship, it is to reduce costs and increase efficiency, so this is the early period of fission. Although it is an early stage, it is possible that the changes in the next three years will flicker beyond our imagination . It is now in the 2.0 era, until the 3.0 era may be the flow of knowledge workers. With the relationship between production of artificial intelligence and productivity and incentive mechanisms, the level of productivity is getting higher and higher. I think the changes in the next two years and three years are even more than we now think Fast, though early, has reached the brink of fission, including our team, how to make this team play better, the first is a good incentive mechanism, artificial intelligence just to solve this problem. I think the future development of space will be great, including the quality of our blockchain asset trading platform, we want to do coin, we will add some financial derivatives, including the scene, or the market volatility When there will be a huge risk. Although artificial intelligence may be early in use, but in fact tremendous power occurs, the bank's credit card, was previously used to fight, everyone's quota is the same, as you spend more and more, Will gradually increase your quota. However, after using the artificial intelligence solution of Guangfa Bank, he found that his sales and efficiency are several times higher. If each person's service is different, AI will solve the problem and then it will play Huge power, the bank's credit card sales raised 19 times. Now the technology is still very early, but in some applications which have played a very large power, bigger than I imagined, may be a certain point of improvement for a business or a certain organization its efficiency will be One hundred times magnification.

Liu Binghan: My question about this issue is this because our company's core is still artificial intelligence, and the biggest bottleneck facing artificial intelligence is landing, that is, how to make money. This may be a problem all companies face in the future. For example, tens of thousands of white papers are now collected on our platform. The future of this thing will be huge. Just said that there is no good artificial intelligence chips, such as Google developed an artificial intelligence chips, the reason why artificial intelligence is not really used up, because one is not available, because now the good artificial intelligence business model is not too much , This may be the current huge problem of limiting the development of artificial intelligence.

Long Yu: In my opinion, in fact, I am AI. My original colleague, I am Ali. There are some colleagues who want to do something in this field, including doing quantitative transactions, including doing face recognition . In my opinion, the blockchain industry is actually developing faster than artificial intelligence. At that time, there was an idea that the market for artificial intelligence might be very hot in 2015. We might say during internal discussions that this chip In the end this is not going to take the initiative to rely on artificial intelligence over there or how, but in my judgment at the time I think the blockchain market will far exceed the artificial intelligence market. Blockchain comes with its own business model. Yesterday, I read a person's Weibo saying that the blockchain is a self-contained business model. If you implement a complete blockchain system, including mining, including trading, including exchanges , Including the wallet, thought We may think there is no direct relationship for our real life, but we can not deny that it has achieved a more complete business closed loop, we may be more about artificial intelligence is to increase productivity relations, the block As a chain of change in the relationship between the production of artificial intelligence is to achieve productivity, a lot of artificial intelligence applications, they initially want to make a cloud service platform, but it may be that they are just doing a cold technical development, but They have some of the key core data and they are mastered by them, so in more cases this part of the business that you can do business, but I sell your software to you, I help you to maintain, but you really Faced with a core of data, or a model of the core you may be very difficult to reach, because Is something commercial secrets of others, so I think if you want artificial intelligence in this area to get more profits, or to get more business floor, can make money, I think for us How to promote artificial intelligence, including artificial intelligence fire 50 years ago, has now put out a fire, I think more is the improvement of the example, when the chip may not be able to handle that much data, or Is such a big data, now there is such an opportunity, semiconductor technology improvements, including chip technology improvements, we have the ability to solve such a problem, typically in the 80's, 90 years we chess is possible Captured, and now this part of the Go overcome, more is the calculation of the improvement, how to go further to improve its computing power? I think we are still in the area of ​​blockchain, since you already have a business model, you can intervene in such a set of artificial intelligence , I think I can help people in the field of artificial intelligence to get some real, benefit, to feed the field of artificial intelligence in a business, continue to iterate, continue to evolve. I remember recently there is a big coffee that artificial intelligence startups ending either acquired or closed down, it will also reflect how to realize such a dilemma, I think this area of ​​blockchain how to combine with artificial intelligence, If you can spark the spark, you must find a way to realize it.
Gao Qingzhong: Why artificial intelligence development of 60 years of artificial intelligence is still in the development stage, the current business model of artificial intelligence is difficult to make money. Artificial intelligence plus block chain is not even lower than the artificial intelligence, primary than the block chain, then I say, we discuss the block chain plus artificial intelligence is not only greater than 1 + 1 and greater than 2, why? The first question artificial intelligence The industry is now the fundamental business model realization is that we believe that artificial intelligence in the industry do not share between the collaboration, it means that a chef or a beautiful house to do their own, many of them go Experts of artificial intelligence, seldom use their own company's API, so the cost of the industry is very high, it is difficult to realize. If we set up this sharing it means the chef wants to cook, buy it for himself, and give it to others. Because a company can do their own business inside an industry, need to be more collaboration, if the shared network to build up, the industry application means that many people in the above portfolio, the entire blockchain to build the shared network , So that the entire artificial intelligence greatly accelerated, will bring some AI collapse. Artificial Intelligence is not shared in this industry. If each one is independent, it means that there is no competition for what you are doing, and if you share it, you will be out of control. As a result, the closure of the next few years will be triggered. The blockchain is bitcoin, and now the smart contracts are basically in chains, so if artificial intelligence is introduced it can act directly in many industries, blockchains are larger than an economic system, spinning around in their own place, playing The contract is in the contract place to turn, for example, I transformed a factory, a transformation of the industry, if the block chain this thing from the chain may be completely transformed under the chain, the power of the industry what This is our point of view. Everyone with a word that the block chain plus artificial intelligence where the next step in the development?

Nikhil: I got AI and blockchain development. In my opinion, I might be working on the chip's level of integration or on the chip's power chain. Why, like Apple and Apple, why sell so much hardware so profitable, more is that it can be profitable to buy out its own, the process of continuous iteration, so that it can make more profits, profits can also be put into the process of reproduction . Blockchain I think it will be more with some other areas, including artificial intelligence and many more areas to be combined, this part of the combination will wipe out all kinds of sparks, these things are not what we can The foreseeable result, the future is very worth the wait and the wonderful.

Lei Zhen: My personal understanding, blockchain this piece I think it should be the next step in the Internet, my personal thinking is this. I think this piece of the future blockchain, we want to see is to use blockchain to build a better artificial intelligence ecosystem. Examples of sharing, great mine machine placed in there, if the two can do a good combination, I believe in two areas are very good.

Liu Binghan: Now there are two artificial intelligence good, one is the cost of data, one is the cost of manpower, if the data is shared, then the data cost will be greatly reduced, artificial intelligence will live well, artificial intelligence including bank online customers Already have a great income. Artificial intelligence in the future, including the semantic understanding of getting better, including online customers, including banking are very large movements, and the cost of data, human costs are very high, artificial intelligence and blockchain better point is Data sharing. Our AI companies are very labor-intensive to clean the data, but if AI companies share that data, let others tag it. For AI companies is very large positive for the blockchain industry is also very big positive, this part of the data flow is very valuable, artificial intelligence and blockchain should have such a project, some of the data can be marked clean , Change it from unstructured to structured, this should be a good combination point.

Long Yu: Artificial intelligence block solution to solve the core issue is to prevent people to the Internet once the data and information appear in large numbers after the people buried in a sea of ​​data. When advanced productivity integrates with blockchain like AI and advanced manufacturing relationships, I believe the entire world will have subversive industry opportunities.

Gao Qingzhong: The block chain to artificial intelligence is more shared, shared examples, chips or data, or some distribution, in the case of shared network, in fact, the entire artificial intelligence industry is greatly to promote the entire productivity , Blockchain plus all walks of life, all walks of life with artificial intelligence, using blockchain technology to share data of all walks of life, and then add artificial intelligence data to do some intelligent decision support And so on, this entire world is opened, like the combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence, the development of the entire industry is still very good