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To create a new era of mobile ecosystem community block chain, calf chain cooperation than the original reached

December 6 news, than the original chain (Bytom) and the Maverick Chain (Maverick Chain) reached an agreement today.

According to the agreement, the mobile terminal output calf chain technology to help create a mobile ecosystem than the original protocol layer, changing the traditional blockchain technology is too complicated and difficult to understand the status quo, which is like http protocol for the Internet era, for the blooming future blockchain Application laid the foundation.

Than the original chain CTO Long Yu said that "the calf chain team has a strong mobile terminal development capabilities, has accumulated a large number of mobile users. With the calf chain SDK technology, than the original chain can be quickly integrated into a wide range of Mobile applications, to expand than the original chain to adapt to the scene; Second, users do not need to be familiar with the underlying technology than the original chain can be used than the original chain.

Maoming CEO Li Mingzhao said the chain , using the SDK SDK technology, can greatly simplify the development of blockchain difficulty, so that millions of APP users quickly transformed into a part of the ecology than the original chain. Li Mingzhao also introduced the concept of cutting into the blockchain from the SDK. The user base of the mobile terminal is large. Each mobile user behind the scale often accumulates millions or even tens of millions of users, but these users are active for these users Degree may not be high, mainly due to the lack of effective incentive mechanism within the application, the integration is limited to the internal use of the platform or even only for their own use, can not be efficient circulation. If the blockchain way of these credits into a token, the formation of digital assets, you can achieve free movement of the entire network. In this way, not only stimulate the user's passion to use to enhance the activity of the application platform, but also large-scale, rapid popularization and application of blockchain.

Launched in August 2017, Maverick Chain provides the Blockchain as a Service (BAAS) service platform for the blockchain industry and provides aggregator SDKs for blockchain developers on various public links. By using Maverick Chain's BAAS platform, blockchain application development can be made easier and faster, allowing more non-blockchain assets to migrate more easily to blockchain networks, attracting more developers to the block Chain network (the value of the Internet) in the construction.

It is understood that, compared with the original link will also be more with the business from the blockchain and traditional industries to work together to jointly expand than the original ecosystem, to enhance the vitality than the original chain to promote the development of the blockchain industry.