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The world's first Bitcoin lottery was born with a bonus of 1025 BTC

Lottoland, one of Ireland's most famous lottery operators, has developed a new lottery game with a prize money of millions of dollars in bitcoin. Participants pick a six-figure number, which is currently 1,025 BTC (worth about $ 1.7 million). Of course, the odds of winning the jackpot are small, but Lottoland believes there are still people who are willing to take part in such games.

Participate in legal coins, the bonus is bitcoin

Lottoland, founded in 2013, is the most well-known lottery operator in Ireland. In the past, Lottoland has been controversial by allowing lottery participants to bet lottery tickets in other countries, such as the US Powerball and the European Super Millions lottery. Nonetheless, the company has gained a significant market share on Irish Island with its savvy marketing strategy.

After launching its own bitcoin lottery, Lottoland will enter the cryptocurrency world that swept the entire world. "The world is crazy about bitcoin, and we are!" Claims the Lottoland website.

It is reported that each lottery will be Monday at 8:30 pm GMT open, and on Saturday lottery, and each issue of the prize will be 1000 + BTC. Players need to match all six digits on their cards to receive a $ 1.7 million bitcoin bonus.
Winning players, will face a problem: is to accept the legal currency bonus, or directly accept the bitcoin bonus?

"Bitcoin is a world-class phenomenon and Lottoland gives our clients the opportunity to participate in this alliance," said Graham Ross, regional manager for Lottoland Ireland.