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The UK tax service does not intend to accept payment in the crypto currency

Minister of State for the Department of International Development, Lord Michael W. Bates, in a written response to a member of the British Parliament, Lord Jonathan Harris, said that the UK Tax and Collection Service does not consider crypto currency as an acceptable form of paying bills.

"The tax and fee service does not offer crypto currency as a means of payment and does not plan to change its position on this issue," Bates wrote.
With the profit from speculation in the market, the crypto currency, according to him, is subject to a capital gains tax depending on the specific circumstances. In addition, the British authorities intend to oblige providers of crypto-currency purses and crypto-instruments to comply with AML-legislation.

Lord Bates on behalf of the government also distanced himself from the decision of some British banks not to open accounts for crypto-currency start-ups and their employees, pointing to the legitimate right of these organizations to pursue a certain corporate policy in their own interests.

Earlier, the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine stated that bitcoin is not a means of payment on the territory of the country.