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The total market capitalization of bitcoin exceeds that of Buffett, Boeing and New Zealand!

With Bitcoin's recent unbelievable gains, its market value has surpassed the annual output of all economies at an estimated value equivalent to the combined assets of several of the world's top billionaires.

Although debates over Bitcoin's high bubble are still debated at this stage, Bitcoin, the leader of cryptocurrencies, is still hitting a record high on Monday, with single-bitcoin prices stabilizing above $ 11,000, At the beginning of the year, its unit price has increased nearly tenfold.

According to market-tracking platform, bitcoin has been making a big splash since August, and the total value of Bitcoin in circulation has now reached $ 190 billion.

Here are five things that have eclipsed total market capitalization compared to bitcoin

New Zealand's GDP

According to the World Bank in August, New Zealand, based in the South Pacific, relies on agriculture and tourism for an estimated $ 185 billion a year, a drop of about $ 5 billion from Bitcoin's total market capitalization. The total market value of cryptocurrencies is also higher than the GDP of some countries, such as Qatar, Kuwait and Hungary

Goldman Sachs Group, UBS AG

The rapid growth of bitcoin prices has also far exceeded the two most influential banks in the world. Goldman Sachs Group's total market capitalization was $ 97 billion on Friday and UBS AG in Zurich was about $ 67 billion, bringing the total market capitalization of both groups far below the total market capitalization of bitcoin.

The giants of both groups have shown a negative attitude towards digital currencies, and Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blackfew has said it is too early to draft a bitcoin strategy and UBS, as the healthiest asset in the world Management companies believe that the use of bitcoin is a great risk, it faces government sanctions.

 Boeing Company

Although Boeing can manufacture large jetliners, its total market capitalization of 162 billion U.S. dollars is far behind the total market value of digital currencies of less than 10 years. According to its official Web site, Boeing in Chicago, claiming to be the world's largest airline, has been in existence for over 100 years and employs more than 140,000 people in more than 65 countries. His rival Airbus Group is also not good, with a total market capitalization of 78 billion U.S. dollars.

14 aircraft carriers

If the total market value of bitcoin with the dollar to buy armaments, it can not be underestimated. The first nuclear-powered Ford class carrier came to the U.S. Navy in May this year, costing about $ 13 billion. Putting all Bitcoin investor coins together would probably buy a fleet of 14 Ford class aircraft carriers.

Bill Gates, Buffett and the Queen of England
Despite being on the Bloomberg Billionaire List, neither Bill Gates nor Buffett can use their wealth to buy all the bitcoin circulating in the market. According to official data records, Bill Gates has 90 billion US dollars of assets, while Buffett has 830 billion US dollars of assets. Even with the Queen Elizabeth II of the United States, 3.83 billion US dollars, they also exceed the total market capitalization of Bitcoin. We do not know what Buffett said to Katy Perry, but he said bitcoin was a "real bubble."