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The team Ledger for the third day struggling with problems in the work of wallets

The manufacturer of popular hardware wallets Ledger reported that the problems started on December 12 in the operation of the infrastructure are still not eliminated.

At the same time, the French company assured users that the team of engineers "around the clock" is working to solve the problem, and all means are safe. Also representatives of Ledger recommended using MyEtherWallet wallets for operations with Ethereum and Electrum (or Mycelium) - for BTC.

Recall about the problems with the infrastructure developers Ledger reported on December 12, when against the backdrop of a new round of growth of most leading crypto-currencies in the off-line left several popular platforms.

A day later, when most of them returned to normal work, Ledger reported that he was still experiencing problems.

Recall that in November in the data center of the French Internet provider OVH an accident occurred, which led to a malfunction in the hardware purse Ledger.