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The founders of Tezos intend to cover court costs at the expense of investors

Spouses Arthur and Caitlin Brightman have demanded from the foundation of the Tezos Foundation to cover the costs associated with the legal proceedings in connection with accusations of fraud and violation of securities laws. This is written by Reuters .

So far, the Swiss fund has not commented on the intention of the Breitman spouses. Moreover, the source notes that there is no legal basis for this kind of requirements for a married couple.

In the US, three collective lawsuits have been filed against the founders of Tezos. Spouses Brightman are suspected of violating the securities laws and deceiving participants in the crowding company. In particular, they are accused of fraudulent sales of Tezzies tokens under the guise of charitable contributions and the misappropriation of "tens of millions of dollars."

Thus, if the fund takes this step, it will mean that the same accusing project in the fraud ICO-investors will indirectly support the Breitman spouses. It should be noted that the participants of the crowd-hosting company have not received any return of investments from Tezos, despite the fact that the project collected a record $ 230 million at that time . It should also be noted that the Tezos network has not yet been launched.

Earlier ForkLog reported that in October, between the founders of Tezos, a conflict broke out , which jeopardized the further development of the project. Regardless of the differences between the participants, Breitman's wife at the Money2020 conference in Las Vegas tried to convince investors that the difficulties are temporary and that there can be no question of freezing the project.

However, soon the situation with Tezos exacerbated by the investors filed a lawsuit against the company and its affiliated organizations. After him followed the next collective lawsuit .