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The European Union will introduce mandatory verification of users of crypto-exchange exchanges

The EU authorities in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism intend to introduce more stringent requirements for crypto-exchange exchanges. The corresponding agreement was adopted on Friday, December 15. This is written by Reuters .

The main requirement of legislators will be a ban on the implementation of transactions on condition of anonymity. Also, there will be limited opportunities for using prepaid cards.

"The adopted agreement will provide a greater degree of transparency in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, " the representative of the European Commission Vera Yurova explained.

Exchanges and wallets that provide exchange and storage services for crypto-currencies will be required to identify their customers. In addition, European investigative bodies will have more access to information, including bank registers and data on trust property.

The new rules should be formally approved by all EU member states, and then adopted at the national level within 18 months.

Earlier it was reported about the intention of the European Commission to develop new penalties for crimes related to crypto-currencies. . Also, the EU authorities are working on the creation of the European Agency for Cybersecurity, which will be entrusted with this task.