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The creator of ERC- 20 intends to standardize the technology of digital identification with Ethereum

The developer Ethereum and creator of the standard ERC-20 Fabian Vogelshtellar intends to use the set of rules ERC-725 for standardization of digital identification technology. This is reported by CoinDesk.

"This is exactly what we need to build the future. We can not avoid this problem by the side, " Vogelshtellar is convinced.
Despite the exponential growth of ICO's market capitalization this year, the creator of ERC-20 is dissatisfied with the fruits of its work, as many projects, in his opinion, seek only to maximize profits, and not to further innovation.

In early November at the Devcon3 conference, Vogelshtellar criticized many ICO projects, saying that this direction is "least interesting" in the Ethereum ecosystem . However, he is confident that the new standard ERC-725 is potentially capable of making a breakthrough in the field of digital identification.

Blocking technology allows users to control their personal data, minimizes the risks of fraud, theft and illegal use of confidential information. A number of block-start-ups have set themselves the goal of solving the problem of digital identification, but Vogelshtellar believes that the Ethereum standard will be an effective solution.

Model ERC-725 assumes the execution of the necessary processes for the implementation and control of digital identification through smart contracts. 
A standardized system of all applications for digital identification from companies and individual entrepreneurs will ensure full interoperability between them.

In addition, the ERC-725 standard will be "flexible" in application not only for identity identification, but also for various "objects and robots", including the scope of supply chain management.

At the moment, the preliminary ERC-725 model is being discussed at GitHub , and many developers have already supported the project. Vogelshtellar himself claims that the idea came to him two years ago, but he thought that other platforms implement it.

"They did not do this, so I had to, " he stressed.
Recall, earlier in the main network Ethereum launched a lightweight version of the micropayment protocol μRaiden, which is a unidirectional payment channel that also supports tokens of the ERC-20 standard.