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The collapse of bitcoin entered the list of "shocking forecasts" of Saxo Bank for 2018

Saxo Bank experts published a traditional list of provocative and shocking forecasts for 2018, including, inter alia, the collapse of bitcoin.

In 2018, the global economy is facing a wave of turmoil, which may include the weakening of the independence and control of the US and Japanese central banks, the collapse of the S & P 500 stock index, political tension in the European Union and the loss of investors' interest in bitcoin.

The forecast of Saxo Bank is a list of anticipated events, the actual probability of which should be considered at 10% or higher.

"We believe that the suspiciously low volatility of 2017 will not happen again. The economy and the stock exchanges seemed to be fueled by the energy for the upheavals of 2018. Therefore, some of our forecasts directly point to the threat that the accumulated excessive financial "complacency" will lead to the "bubble of volatility" explode, "the document says.
One of the main events of next year, according to Saxo Bank, will be the weakening of the independence of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) of the United States.

"Historically, the degree of independence of the US Federal Reserve was determined by the needs and policies of the federal government. In 2018, it is expected to significantly weaken, as Washington plans to limit the state's revenues before the threat of a collapse in the debt market, "experts suggest.
The situation will be exacerbated by the lack of budget discipline and a huge budget deficit as a result of lower taxes by Republicans, which will only intensify as the recession in the United States begins.

The collapse of bitcoin

As Saxo Bank predicts, the policy of Russia and China regarding crypto-currencies will eventually lead to the collapse of bitcoin, although before that it will be expected to grow significantly.

"For most of 2018, the bitcoin rate will continue to grow, and it will grow rapidly, but Russia and China will ultimately cause its collapse by their actions, " analysts say.
Saxo Bank predicts that at a certain moment in 2018 the price of bitcoin will exceed $ 60,000, while the market capitalization of the first crypto currency will be more than $ 1 trillion.

"However, very soon the phenomenon called bitcoin will be knocked out from under the feet: Russia and China are quickly quitting the game and even prohibit unauthorized crypto-currencies from occurring. Russia becomes an official player on the field of crypto-currency to influence the development of protocols, and shifts the focus from bitcoin in order to keep Russian capital in the country. Similarly, China is acting, "the forecast says.
As a result, according to experts, by early 2019 bitcoin expects a rapid drop to $ 1000.

Nefteyuani, the fall of the S & P 500 and "home" quarrels in the EU

Also on the list of shocking forecasts of Saxo Bank was the beginning of the conclusion of oil contracts in Chinese Yuan at the Shanghai International Energy Exchange, and this step will have huge geopolitical and financial consequences.

The fall of the S & P 500 index is also predicted to be akin to the 1987 collapse, and it will be due to the reduction in the US Federal Reserve's assets balance and the volume of the ECB's asset purchases since January 1.

Saxo Bank believes that in 2018 diplomatic tension between Western and Eastern Europe will increase due to problems of expats, quotas on migrants and democratic values, and at the same time next year we will witness an unexpected revival of South Africa that will lead to political and economic prosperity region.

Another forecast concerns women in business: according to Saxo Bank, they will rapidly seize power in corporations. Already, women often have higher education, and if today the fair sex is dominated by 32 companies from the Fortune 500 list, in 2018, such corporations will be twice as large.

"With confidence, we can say that if any of our predictions in 2018 will come true, the world will be in a completely new situation," the forecast says.
Recall, exactly one year ago in the list of "provocative forecasts" Saxo Bank for 2017 included the rise in the cost of bitcoin . However, even then the experts believed that the Crypto currency would grow to a maximum of $ 2100.