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The Bulgarian government took the $ 3.8 billion bitcoin to the top and the United States sold $ 170,000 BTC thighs off

In May of this year, Bulgarian law enforcement authorities cracked down on an organized criminal activity and seized over 200,000 BTC. To date, none of these bitcoin has been moved, and at the current market price, the Bulgarian government holds nearly $ 3.8 billion worth of bitcoin.

According to a press release issued by the SELEC in South Sudan on May 19 this year, Bulgarian law enforcement authorities confiscated 213,519 bitcoins in the same month. Twenty-three Bulgarian nationals were arrested during the criminal crackdown. Officials At the time, they said they were arrested for fraud in the customs office and therefore arrested and seized their assets.

As of press time, this part of the seized bitcoin value reached 38.43 billion US dollars.

At the time, the Bulgarian authorities commented:

"The criminals use bitcoin to save money because it's hard to follow."

Authorities also claimed that the persons involved had developed a computer virus to invade the Bulgarian Customs computer and allow perpetrators to skip customs payments when delivering the goods to the country. According to the press release, the virus was uploaded to the Bulgarian government machine through the government agents it bought.

Allegedly, accused criminals in this way escaped 10 million lev (Bulgarian national currency), worth about 6 million U.S. dollars.

It is unclear how the Bulgarian government will use the forfeited bitcoin.

According to reported on November 28, the Bulgarian government declined to disclose further details, saying it is conducting a criminal investigation.

According to the information currently available, the Bulgarian government may thus become the world's most bitcoin government. Earlier, the U.S. government held 173,997 BTC, which was sold through four auctions , which could amount to less than $ 100 million.