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The blockchain hit the financial and regulatory, what kind of spark?

On December 21, 2017, the "China Blockchain Innovation Summit (Shenzhen)" co-sponsored by Babbitt, the original chain and the Dreamer Fund was grandly opened. The forum invites representatives of venture capital institutions, financial institutions, law firms and business leaders of blockchain. With the theme of "blockchain technology, value interconnection of industries and capital and ecological outlook", the forum features keynote speeches and roundtable dialogues , Conducted in-depth discussions on risk investment in the area of ​​blockchains at home and abroad, legal supervision, exploration of advanced technologies in the blockchain, and application of industrial applications.

Founder of Babbitt, than the original founder of the original chain Duan, founder of the Dream Valley Fund Zhu Chu and Innovation Valley, Guangdong Internet Finance Association Deputy Secretary-General Wallace, Internet Finance Association of Dongguan City, General Secretary Yang Xi, IDG Tong Chen, a capital partner, and Chen Yunfeng, senior partner of Zhong Lun Wende Law Firm, attended the forum.

The second roundtable was chaired by Tang Cong from Shenzhen and Sino-European Financial Technology Research Institute. In response to "the impact of finance and regulation on the ecology of blockchain," discussions were held with guests Cyrus, Chen Yunfeng, Chen Wenjun and Hua Lei.

The following is the record of the meeting:

Cong: We are now starting the second round table. First of all, I would like to ask the honored guests to give a brief introduction of themselves and the origins of the blockchain with a few words.

Mr. Wang: Hello everyone! My name is Wang Kenzi, I grew up in the United States. I used to work at a traditional technology investment company. Now I am developing a leading ICO incubator in the United States and a platform for ICO. Now, with the cooperation of China's No.2 treasure, Lead U.S. projects to China.

Cyrus: I am delighted to be here today to meet with you. All of our founders graduated from Stanford University in the computer science department. Among them, my colleague Daivd is a Harvard lawyer. He was a consultant to the U.S. Department of Science and Technology and my company In the financial industry to do data asset class analysis, the previous investors are, for example, Po Erye (homonym), as well as the founder of Rebo and the stellar chain, they recently received a new investment. I am very happy to speak at a meeting of the financial industry today.

Chen Yunfeng: Hello everybody, today are full of people, especially the two leaders of our network loan agencies, talking about the origin of the same strain, my name is Chen Yunfeng. In the early years we were all doing Internet finance. The following leaders know that we from 2013 Year to do net loan, come back we do science and technology finance, or financial technology, cross between the two subjects to do. After arriving last year, I was fortunate to be here with my new friend and old friend who is not here in the circle of money. Everyone is looking for help. In the whole country, I can not find a few lawyers who do blockchain. Last year, a few friends in the circle made some small crowdfunding and made a big sum this year. After July and August, they became larger and larger. In August, the Beijing Financial Bureau and the Shanghai Financial Bureau, including the supervisory departments of state-run and government agencies, talked about this roundtable topic today. We also had the honor to ask for our opinions. China has invited 2 lawyers and Beijing is Dacheng Lawyers in law firms in Shanghai are themselves involved in many meetings until the central bank issued a public notice on September 4. I am fortunate enough to sit here today. I hope we will explore the essence of the blockchain as well as the background and methods of financial regulation.

Chen Wenjun: Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen, Hello everyone, I am a professor at a certain university in Shanghai. After 6 years as a professor, I was in charge of the Shanghai Institute of Finance for 3 years. In the process of the institute, I think blockchain technology Is the trend in the future in 2016 when two companies have set up a French chain technology network company, this time I transferred from the professorship to do the project, I have done a year and a half, I have learned Experience, today with the help of this opportunity to analyze with you, how do I from the financial law professor to do the blockchain legal science and technology and blockchain financial technology in this area to share with you an experience.
Hua Lei: Hi everyone, my name is Hua Lei and I am from Singapore. Before I started working in the blockchain industry, I was a VC partner and we mainly invested in the corresponding fields such as artificial intelligence and big data. Everyone knows this year. The blockchain is really too hot, so we now have a company in Singapore that's helping to provide a one-stop shop for some of the laws and regulations that all those who wish to do ICO projects, the white paper compliance writing , Including the market, PR, there is the market and other corresponding services.

Zheng Jianliang: Ladies and gentlemen, everyone, my name is Zheng Jianliang and is from GF Securities, responsible for internet finance. Now I am the product director of this financial science and technology business. Our team is mainly using technology such as AD, CD and mobile Internet, big data, blockchain, cloud technology to apply to our securities business areas, to enhance the services of our entire investors. On the blockchain this one, to be honest I ask a question with a big coffee, we ourselves have also made some attempts in this area. We recently made a financial platform based on blockchain technology. We know that investors buy financial products through the purchase of financial products, according to the agreed interest rates and the maturity of the redemption, there is no such possibility, we think of this as a market, so that financial products in the process of transfer, we have Similar to the secondary market in the market, but this is limited to a single agency, we want to be able to use blockchain technology to establish a coalition chain, so that the various financial products issued by the party in our brand market, To enable our investors, not just limited to a particular type of financial products, investors can get more of such products to enhance such liquidity. At the same time, we allow the regulator, the regulator, as a large node to act as an observer node throughout the chain to monitor and regulate such liquidity and anti-money-black regulation. We have done some attempts in this regard, come here and hope to get a new perspective for discussion.

Cong: Thank you a few guests, I briefly introduce myself, I and Shenzhen, China and Europe Institute of Finance and Technology Research Fellow, with the support of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, we introduced a lot of well-known European colleges and universities, professors founded the current Our Dean is also the director of the former Department of Computer Science at Oxford University. Referring to the subject of today's regulatory science and technology, blockchain is a service-oriented research direction for our institute, and our institute is also devoted to automated research compliance using computer and academic methods. Consult Professor Chen, we talked about regulation, we will focus on how to have a symbiosis before regulation and non-regulation. Just chatting with you in the afternoon, you mentioned a concept called regulatory code, I would like to hear your views in this regard.

Chen Wenjun: Blockchain is a very good regulatory technology, why should I say this? Because before the blockchain technology regulation is mainly two, one is access control, one is the principle of regulation. Access control is not allowed if the regulator does not trust you personally. In the past, when it came to behavior control, we actually lacked the tools. We have always supervised the technology with principles. I just care about the whole process. Blockchain technology, we can use the whole process of blockchain monitoring, the concept of whole process in the past is only a concept, and now we have the technology blockchain landing. Second, I talked about a code-level regulatory, regulatory code, what is the concept? In our ontology network, we talked about the notion that there are bitcoin chains in the underlying cross-links and a compliance chain in which some of the rules of regulation at the bottom of the blockchain have been The technical structure that is zoned as a compliant blockchain is written in code, meaning that in this way, the blockchain delivers a supervised message, which means that some of the violations could be done in this way Is not technically achievable, so this is the direction of our technology application and a regulatory tool we have never seen before. Another, regulatory code, code-level monitoring on the other hand how to understand, regulators have a very big challenge is to monitor the code, we will have a wide range of projects, the future is a whole project a development direction, I am right This direction is very much determined in the future how do we regulate the operation of the chain in the industry, the chain of finance? I think the regulation of the underlying code, code registration, code review is our lawyer, but also our regulators must do one thing, we supervise the blockchain chain project from the beginning of the regulatory code.
DONG Cong: We monitor the code. The way we do with CESL uses data to reason about your regulatory needs and smart contracts through the use of theorem proof by academic methods, to see if the smart contract you wrote can be used Meet my regulatory requirements, such as whether your participation in the number of more than 200 people, are qualified investors, these can actually be generated by code automation. Then I talked to Professor Chen about Cyrus. I know Mobius could be a platform for DAPP. Will this platform be reviewed by a mechanism like the Apple IPhone store? If it is reviewed, it is not as transparent as Apple, or is it like our region? Block chain is usually said that the idea of ​​transparency, this piece what do you think? Thank you.

Cyrus: We use this platform in several ways. The earliest application is that DAPP is the platform that can be used to sign in to the Internet. For us, the market in China is very, very important. Out of this way is this, we choose the way to the public to choose, where the APP is more suitable for the masses taste, that is to say we use decentralized approach to let the public choose what kind of APP to the masses is Most attractive, many large companies like Apple, they do it in a centralized way, that is to say, these big companies to choose from, but our approach is to allow the masses to choose.