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Storm video Qtum quantum chain hand in hand to promote China's blockchain technology business floor

Recently, the domestic video portal tycoon Stormwind Video Technology Co., Ltd. and storm Qtum Qtum quantum chain reached a blockchain technical cooperation agreement, which is the world's first signed BCN (Blockchain Consensus Network) network service agreement. Storm shadow and Quantum Qtum will conduct a series of cooperation in the deployment of full nodes in the blockchain network, the integration of blockchain and video industry, and the construction of open source community of blockchain so as to jointly promote the commercial landing of China's blockchain technology And technological development.

Since its establishment in January 2007, Storm has been committed to providing Internet users with the easiest and most convenient Internet audio and video playback solution with video decoder and audio decoder technologies leading the world. Currently, Storm Media has more than 200 million users, is a veritable video portal giants. Since the listing of Storm Group Co., Ltd. in March 2015, the total market capitalization has exceeded 8 billion yuan. As a pioneer of the Storm Group to enter the blockchain field, BFC broadcast cool cloud launched by Beijing Storm New Video Technology Co., Ltd. is extremely concerned about the release of more than 500,000 people. Its BCN service is the world's first and can help the area Block chain business rapid deployment of massive nodes.
In the future, Storm BFC broadcast cloud hardware devices will support Qtum quantum chain, running more than 50,000 Qtum PoS full nodes. With a large number of stormy BFC broadcast clouds becoming the full node of the Qtum quantum chain, the Qtum quantum chain will be transformed into a blockchain distributed network with the largest number of nodes. At present, the Bitcoin network and the Ethereum network have about 10,000 All nodes, the move will enable Qtum in the entire block chain industry has the largest number of nodes for the late Qtum technology upgrades and iterations, and provide a good infrastructure. Since Qtum is now a consensus mechanism for PoS (Proof of Stake), post-network scalability will greatly outperform the existing POW network (Bitcoin and Ethereum), laying a solid foundation for the commercial success of the blockchain .

In addition, the rapid development of the blockchain has given Storm the great potential of combining the video industry with blockchain technology. The Storm video will work with the Qtum Quantum Chain team to study the distribution of Internet video based on blockchain technology, copyright protection, payment systems, etc., hoping to transform the existing video (movie, short video) creation with the help of blockchain technology And distribution system, through the new file format, with the help of intelligent contract technology to achieve the unity of video distribution and payment, and can achieve the protection of video copyright and peer-to-peer transactions from the content area to promote the Internet from information Internet to the value of the Internet changes , Reconstruct the existing Internet content distribution system.

 Storm new CEO Cui Tianlong (Storm Group former COO)

About why Qtum Quantum Chain was chosen as the first blockchain technology partner, Typhoon Cinema CEO Cui Tianlong (formerly Storm Group COO) explained: In fact, the basis of the blockchain is P2P network, and Storm itself is to do P2P platform, So we are more concerned about the structure, the quantum chain as the first PoS smart contract platform based on the UTXO model, the underlying security and superior flexibility so that we are very impressed, and Qtum team communication and found that the current ecology of the quantum chain We are excited to partner with one of the best blockchain technology teams in the field, with complementary strengths and learning from each other. Together, we have over 50 distributed applications worldwide with a combined market capitalization of more than $ 4 billion Promote the development of value internet in China.
Qtum quantum chain co-founder handsome early

In response to this co-operation, Qutum Quantum Chain founder Shuai Qiu said: "We are very happy to cooperate with Storm. It is the first time that a listed company cooperates with a good blockchain open source community. The rapid development of the blockchain marks a revolution in the social business model , The Information Internet has led the business model and wave of the past 30 years. We believe that blockchain technology will lead the business model and wave of the next 30 years. It is still in the early stage of application of the blockchain industry and the early stage of the platform. We believe Value Based on Blockchain Technology The value that the Internet creates for society will outweigh the value created by the Internet era and are happy to see that all this is happening.