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Spicy bar soared to 240 US dollars, successfully ranked fourth in the market value of cryptocurrencies

Recently, bitcoin prices continue to create new highs, the highest exceeded 18,000 US dollars. Hot Spicy (Litecoin) also followed the pace of bitcoin, the highest increase within 24 hours reached 100%.

Spicy soaring

As of press time, the price of hot spikes reached 247us, the market value of 13.4 billion US dollars, exceeding IOTA successfully , ranks fourth in the market value of cryptocurrencies.

There seems to be some recent concern that "flippening" will occur and that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) may outperform bitcoin to become the # 1 cryptocurrency in market capitalization. However, if current hotspot gains continue, the "flippening" is likely to be spicy past BCH.

Support bitcoin

Spicy bar has always served as a Bitcoin test bed. The new feature of deploying Bitcoin in this smaller, more controlled environment makes it easier to see if the final result is a success.

Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, has always been positive about Bitcoin and believes that Litecoin will not deviate from its role in the future.