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Senior officials of the British cryptocurrency exchange were kidnapped in Ukraine

According to Ukrainian media reports, Pavel Lerner, general manager of EXMO, the British digital currency exchange, was abducted by "unknown gangs" and according to sources, Lerner encountered a black Mercedes car while leaving his office in downtown Kiev, Ukraine Kidnappers kidnapped.

At present, the Ukrainian police are actively investigating the kidnapping case.

According to information provided by local magazines, Lerner is a Russian citizen holding a Polish residence permit and has participated in several cryptocurrencies / blockchain startups in Ukraine. Lerner's Facebook page shows that he originally came from Kursk, Russia, and EXMO's website shows that the company's head office is located in Borghite, England.

The EXMO exchange representative told local encrypted magazine "ForkLog" that the incident did not affect the operation of the company and did not undermine the user's data and funds.

"We are doing everything possible to expedite Pavel Lerner's search and we are grateful for any information about whereabouts, but the exchange will still function as usual. We would also like to emphasize that Pavel's work with EXMO is not involved Any user's personal data or storage, all users of funds are absolutely safe. "