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Positive PK Putin, Russian presidential candidate Titov to legalize bitcoin

Boris Titov, recently announced to be in Russia's presidential election, is a bitcoin advocate who promised that he would legalize bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies if he was elected.

It is also worth mentioning that Titov is also a friend of President Putin and is committed to fighting corruption. He believes that Russia should follow the example of Japan and advocate allowing Russia to legalize Bitcoin.

Bitcoin advocates run for president of Russia

It is reported that as a Russian corporate interests and commercial prosecutors Titov general will participate in the 2018 Russian presidential election. Titov, 56, represents the business-oriented Growth Party.

"Titov is part of the Kremlin and he is a friend of President Putin," said the Moscow Times. "At the same time, he is also an economic liberal and advocates fighting corruption."
He told the media that "we will legalize bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Russia," he explained in detail:

"Popular cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and Ethereum, will be legitified, and people will have the opportunity to deposit them in banks or other cryptocurrencies and use them as a means of payment, provided they can only be used Trading on the outside. "
"For example, in the Russian market you can not buy sandwiches in the cryptocurrency. We need to change the Russian economy. Social needs change. We are talking about the digital economy, including the blockchain, the cryptocurrency, and the development of the IT sector," Titov said. "

Titov promised not to create a national cryptocurrency

At present, the Russian government is working hard to develop the country's national currency, crypto ruble, which was ordered by President Putin in October this year. As of press time, the Russian Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications has submitted the first version of the encrypted ruble proposal.

Titov told the media that his team had also studied a similar idea:

"We considered creating a national cryptocurrency three months ago, but everything changed so fast that we gave up the idea that, after all, the task of cryptocurrency was to reduce costs, and we realized that it was not necessary for the state to encrypt money, More importantly, good supervision. "

Titov is a bitcoin supporter

Titov has been an advocate of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In July of this year, he told the media that he had demanded that the Russian central bank follow the example of Japan and legalize Bitcoin.

In February, reported that Titov suggested Russia's Kaliningrad region could be chosen as a pilot payment area for Bitcoin, "for example, you can pay for gas in Bitcoin," the report said.

However, Titov will face competition from Putin. On Wednesday, Putin announced that he will run for reelection. According to the Moscow Times, Putin himself faced the challenge. "The greatest threat to his reelection may be indifference or hesitation by the public. Recent polls show that more than 40% of Russians do not know who to vote for, Or do not know if they will vote. "