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On the crest of the wave - from cigars to crypto currency - one step

On December 14, the company-manufacturer of elite cigars Rich Cigars unexpectedly announced a dramatic change in activity and name: under the sign of Intercontinental Technology, a company from Miami will now be engaged in "aggressive crypto-lending".

"The company has undergone a change of ownership, as a result of which it officially became a holding company with several subsidiaries in areas unrelated to our traditional business. Now the company has two new strategic directions: the acquisition, development and marketing of patented products on the international market and the aggressive extraction of crypto-currency through its own mining systems, " Richard Davis, the acting director of Rich Cigars, said for the time being.

 Such a sharp change of course from the outside may seem strange, but if you take into account the identity of the new owner, then everything falls into place. So, according to Bloomberg, December 1, Rich Cigars really announced a change of leadership after an entrepreneur named Dror Svorai bought out one million shares of the company. Under the terms of the transaction, Rich Cigars general manager and president Richard Davis, vice president El Rushing and vice president of sales Michael Rushing will leave their posts, and Svarai will occupy all three positions at once.

Opportunism or a business vein?
If you look at the track record, then the re-equipment of the cigar manufacturer in the mining center no longer seems an illogical step. For at least the last decade, the entrepreneur in his activity professed an opportunistic approach to business, and also repeatedly and radically changed the names and specialization of his companies.

In addition, some of these companies have been convicted in the past by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in illegal activities. Svarai himself, as independent researchers claimed , committed several crimes, and was also accused of failing to fulfill fiduciary obligations and fraud with securities.

It should be noted that Dror Svorai is not a very public person, and the number of companies with whom he was associated in recent years is great. However, ForkLog magazine managed to find some examples of the entrepreneur's activities.

A man of many talents
So, on the request of "Dror Svorai", the service of LinkedIn issues three questionnaires, all of which, apparently, belong to the same person.

The place of residence in two of them is indicated by Miami (in the same place where the now former Rich Cigars is located). In the third, the avatar of Easy Grinder, the products of Vapor Group, with which Svoray is also connected, is placed on the avatar. The most interesting thing was the page, where "chief executive officer of Onteco Corp" was listed as the position. It is on the example of this company that the multi-year business model Svorya is clearly visible.

According to official data, the main field of activity of Onteco Corporation was "the development of innovative, practical and economical solutions to the most important environmental problems". However, this is not the first name of the company: as in the case of Intercontinental Technology , Onteco was the result of a change in the name and activity of another company - InfoSpi.

"With this change, we want to inform the market that we are no longer an old company, and we are preparing an aggressive strategy of expansion into broader areas of technology that will allow us to get a quick return on investment, such as the acquisition of NexPhase Lighting, Inc. ," declared in April 2011 Dror Svraj, who was then CEO and president of Onteco.

It's hard to say what Svorai had to InfoSpi before, however, according to Bloomberg , he was listed as president and CEO in the NexPhase Lighting diodes manufacturing company, the "daughter" of Onteco, discussed above.

Blow of Time
However, environmental activities Onteco did not last long: two years later, in March 2013, the organization once again changed its name , turning into Inelco Corporation. At that time, its president was George Shkolnik, and the company and its division Cyber ​​Centers International Corporation began to work "in the field of interactive online gaming and entertainment industry."

According to the information of the same Bloomberg, on December 31, 2015, the SEC withdrew the registration of Inelco securities. Then the court found the company guilty of failure to provide regular reports on issued securities. In February 2016, OTC trading of the company's shares was banned. The last executive director of Inelco is Yosef Haim Baruch.


In 2014 another company, Drora Vtoraya, Vapor Group, carried out a reverse takeover of AvWorks Aviation Corp , which since 2004 supplied parts, components and spare parts to various aviation, aerospace, government and defense companies. During the merger AvWorks changed its name to Vapor Group, and the latter as a result received the status of a public company. Note that the blogger under the nickname Fraud Research Institute then said that the transaction was a sign of fraud .

At the moment Vapor Group specializes in electronic cigarettes, smoking liquids and grinding devices Easy Grinder. In July 2017 Dror Svorai resigned as CEO and president of the company, selling 100% of his shares and ownership of the holding company SF Holdings LLC. His post was taken by Yaniv Nakhon , and George Shkolnik joined the board of directors. As stated in the press release, Svarai "left the company to pursue other interests."

Note that Nakhon and Svorai worked together before that. For example, they were registered as owners and founders of the advertising agency VGR Media , which soon became part of the Vapor Group. George Shkolnik also held executive positions in Onteco and NexPhase Lightning. It is worth adding that all the companies and people mentioned in the article are in the state of Florida.

As a result of practice, the "new interests" of Dror Svorya became the crypto currency. What conclusions to make from the above is a personal matter for everyone. However, it is always useful to remember that despite all the benefits that innovative technologies can bring to the world, the crypto currency market developing at an incredible speed (and especially the ICO) attracts completely different people today, and not all of them have good intentions.

While digital money can revolutionize the financial sphere, some see them as just a way to earn quick money. That's why any crypto-enthusiast today is more important than ever to be vigilant and to thoroughly study all available information before thinking about any investments.