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OKEx Litecoin approached 1000 yuan follow-up bitcoin record high

The strong rise in the price of bitcoin led to various digital assets rising sharply. According to data from OKEx, the domestic exchange platform, Litecoin reached a record high of 138 U.S. dollars at December 9. Litecoin has risen 3100% from its current price of $ 4.35 earlier this year to the current $ 138. In addition, the enthusiasm for bitcoin is only increasing in the whole country. Litecoin follows the steps of bitcoin and has strong substitution. If you are optimistic about Bitcoins, Litecoin is also worth the investment.

Litecoin is bitcoin inspired and has the same technical implementation, and the creation and transfer of Litecoin is based on an open source encryption protocol that is not governed by any central agency. Litecoin once took the second place for the market value of digital assets for a long time, and now ranks sixth with a total market capitalization of 7.5 billion U.S. dollars. In fact, as early as the second half of 2013, Litecoin once reached 48 US dollars (about 380 yuan). Source: coinmarketcap

The recent bitcoin market ushered in a series of bifurcations, currently known in the market of Bitcoin forks around eight or so. Affected by the ETH Litecoin will usher in fork currency. According to OKEx, the Smart Space team announced that it is about block height of 1359668, January 15, 2018 forked Litecoin, the new chain is called Litecoin shares, and the token is LTS. The POS mechanism will be adopted.

OKEx analysts resolved to: bitcoin-based, the recent performance of digital asset markets relatively strong. Litecoin, which has similar attributes to bitcoin, is relatively cheap, has a long run and has a high user base and popularity around the world, plus the recent surge in bitcoin. Therefore, market sentiment soaring, led a lot of money into the Wright plate, which is one of the factors rising.