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OKEx Announcement on Open SBTC Trading

Dear OKEx user:

Super Bitcoins (SBTC) Decides Hard Breaking at Block Heights 498888 (Estimated December 13, 2017 Beijing) OKEx is a company dedicated to bitcoin and digital asset applications, Customer, we support all major Bitcoin technology development paths and do not have the power to help users choose which bitcoin technology to choose from, so we give the option to the marketplace and the customer.

OKEx will open the BTC Redeem Bribe Currency function ahead of time at 18:00 on December 7, 2017 and fork / remittance currency / BTC transactions will be launched as follows:

  1. OKEx will support the cashing and trading of various bifurcated coins and gives you the freedom to decide how to handle all your digital assets.
  2. We will name the coin produced by the hard-fork Super Bitcoin team SBTC, which will be temporarily frozen after it is converted to SBTC. We will name the temporarily frozen BTC F4SBTC. F4SBTC before bifurcation can not be traded, withdrawal, transfer and other operations, please be careful redemption.
  3. From December 7, 2017 until the block height 498888, OKEx will support the exchange between BTC and SBTC and F4SBTC. One BTC can be exchanged for one SBTC and one F4SBTC. The same proportion of SBTC, F4SBTC Exchange back to BTC, OKEx will be on the line SBTC / BTC trading.
  4. If the forking fails, the user can convert F4SBTC back to BTC by 1: 1.
  5. If bifurcation is successful, OKEx will issue BTC for 1: 1 BTC for your OKEx spot account and convert F4SBTC back to BTC for 1: 1.
  6. If BTC succeeds in hard bifurcation to produce another stable bifurcated currency before the block height reaches 498888 (or the same height), OKEx will dispense bifurcated candies to users based on the total amount of BTC and F4SBTC held by the user.
  7. Since BTC is the denomination of OKEx, if the bifurcation is successful, the denominated currency BTC will represent the new BTC. Taking LTC / BTC as an example, the fork is LTC / (F4SBTC + SBTC) immediately, and the bifurcation suddenly turns into LTC / F4SBTC instantly. Therefore, the success of the bifurcation of the moment, ETH / BTC, ETC / BTC, LTC / BTC, SBTC / BTC, the price may jump, please pay attention to the transaction risk.
  8. The contract account is snapped at block height 498888 and the BTC asset amount is calculated based on the user's account equity (account equity = margin amount + realized gain / loss + unrealized gain / loss), and the user is issued an equal amount of SBTC .
  9. The C2C account takes a snapshot at block height 498888, calculates the number of BTC assets based on the number of available BTCs in the account, and issues an equal amount of SBTCs for users after the fork is successful.

We remind you again:

1, the transaction digital assets have a great risk, please decide according to your personal situation whether to participate, do not blindly.

2, from the start of the bifurcation until the blockchain network is stable, OKEx will stop bitcoin replenishment and withdrawals, in order to facilitate your transactions, we recommend that you top up bitcoin in case of unexpected market can not recharge, OKEx will help all Users handle well forked technical issues and provide all forked assets to users.