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Moscow Stock Exchange intends to trade Bitcoin futures, saying the regulation has not affected its plan

The Moscow Stock Exchange, Russia's largest stock exchange, has been structuring cryptocurrencies for trading. However, the country's central bank seems to have decided recently to "bar" the Moscow stock exchange from trading bitcoin futures until the cryptocurrency regulatory framework is deployed. So the reporter contacted the Moscow stock exchange, one to verify whether the central bank has the decision, the second is to understand the Exchange's cryptocurrency and Bitcoin futures trading plan.

itcoin transactions are not banned

The Moscow Stock Exchange (Moex) is Russia's largest exchange group and trades in stocks, bonds, derivatives, foreign exchange, currency and precious metals.

According to Russian local media reports:

The central bank barred Moex from trading bitcoin futures. Only after the domestic legislation is perfected will the central bank reconsider this decision.
However, Andrey Braginskiy, the exchange's media director, said the story "is not entirely correct." He specified:

We have not yet applied to the Central Bank (CBR) for permission to launch a new futures contract. Therefore, it is incorrect to say that they have already rejected the application.
Usually going online The new Bitcoin index futures do not need to wait for any new regulatory rule deployment. Of course, it is necessary to reach an agreement with the exchange on how to calculate the index. And the need for regulatory approval of Russia.
Moex first announced in August the construction of a crypto currency trading architecture, especially Bitcoin and its derivatives. The exchange said:

Whether it's regulatory or technical, trading encrypted currency derivatives takes less time and is easier.

Interested in cryptocurrency trading

Braginskiy said they will not trade encrypted cryptocurrencies for bitcoin for the short term, as direct-on-line cryptocurrencies (unlike futures) require the deployment of regulatory rules.

In the meantime, he reiterated that on-line and traded bitcoin futures do not have to wait until the new regulatory rules come out, but should first get regulatory clearance.

He further disclosed:

In Russia, there is a lot of hype around cryptocurrencies, and bitcoin often goes head-to-head with its price changes. As a result, brokers and their clients are still very interested in the exchange of cryptocurrencies on the exchange.
Meanwhile, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) also announced that it will begin trading bitcoins on the 18th of this month . In addition, Cboe and Nasdaq have plans to trade Bitcoin futures.

Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the country's regulator and later confirmed that Russia would regulate cryptocurrencies. He demanded that Russia's cryptocurrency regulatory framework be refined by July next year.