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Moase - bitcoin prices in 2018 will be able to reach 28,000 US dollars

If not the price callback hit during the Christmas season, another prediction of the bitcoin price in 2018 will not make us hard to believe.

However, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have seen dramatic drop in market value due to a variety of factors and some exaggerated predictions seem hard to come by.

Given that the market is now relatively stable and the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum have come back, it is fitting that we review the goals set by Moas, who provided some trust in 2017 and True value judgments.

In an interview with Cointelegraph last week, Moas explains why bitcoin is destined to become the world's most valuable currency. This 50-year-old has decided that bitcoin's market will eventually surpass the total market value of China and gold.

"The price of bitcoin can rise another 20 times from now, when it was valued at about 6 trillion U.S. dollars, basically close to the current market value of China and gold."
"Why do I think the value of bitcoin is the same as that of gold? It's easy because I do not know what the total amount of gold is, but I know how much bitcoin it has, and I know that at this rate, one to two million come from People around the world are starting to build new encrypted currency accounts and billions of people can buy limited bitcoin in two years. "
Another factor that led to Moase's forecast for 2018 is the true supply of bitcoin. A recent study estimates that about 4 million bitcoin have been permanently lost - which is equivalent to 20% of what has been dug in the currency today, which has not been counted on to some stubborn investors who are hoarding money:

"The supply of bitcoin is actually less than what people think, a lot of bitcoin is lost, and some are not yet dug up, and there are people like me who do not sell at all."
So what exactly made Moas the price target for Bitcoin in 2018? To understand how he estimates the value of a virtual currency, we need to understand what he said at the outset:

"I've always felt that the price of bitcoin will fly to heaven and I think the target price was $ 50,000 when the price was $ 2570 in June of this year.When I talked about my prediction, people think I must be a drug Because you can not set a target of $ 200 to $ 300,000 at a price of $ 2570 so that people do not listen to you at all.
Moas has re-drawn a line for himself:

"My goal for 2018 is $ 28,000 and of course I will make further adjustments in a few months."

Legalization of cryptocurrencies futures

There's a lot to be done to get Bitcoin's price in the foreseeable future of Moas in the coming year.

However, top stock selectors have reacted favorably to the operation of derivatives related to the Bitcoin futures contract, and in the future it can be seen that Wall Street will adopt a broad-based recognition of Bitcoin.

"A lot of people do not realize that everything I've learned in the 20 years of the stock market has been applied to the cryptocurrency market and it has also put me in a very special position that allows me to understand that it will happen now what."
"Those who do not understand the functioning of the financial markets may be happy to dance after they double, triple, triple in price."
Moas has always insisted that people not sell their hands bitcoin, at the same time should be like those stubborn investors to treat the stock of Amazon a few years ago.

"Amazon's share price has risen from $ 20 to $ 1,150 in the past 15 years, although some tried to go short during that time and argued that the company was not worth the share anymore because Amazon lost money a few years ago Even every book sold is losing money, but there are still a bunch of people who do not know what the valuation is and continue betting that Amazon can go up and leave it behind. "
Moas, who laments those now shorted into the market, laments the fact that he warned these people that they are likely to get caught up in the short market.

"That's what happens to people who bet Bitcoin, and I'm not worried about what will happen to the futures market, which is a firm endorsement of cryptocurrencies and which legitimizes cryptocurrencies A new kind of property After CME and CBOE entered, there may be more volatility at this stage, but once Wall Street is in place, the floodgate will open and more money will flow in. "