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"Micro-Lightning Network" on-line Ethereum main network, Ethereum bitcoin first step to achieve the second layer network?

A simplified version of the Raiden payment gateway network is already on the Ethereum main blockchain network.

This simplified version was officially activated yesterday , and now uRaiden - "miniature lightning network" - for the first time on the Ethereum test network for several months. uRaiden is a simple version of the lightning network currently being developed that aims to provide a micro-payment mechanism that is similar to Bitcoin's lightning network.

As with lightning networks, lightning network design serves as an Ethereum network extension by creating a second layer above the main blockchain. By using this second level, Ethereum Network participants can create payment channels that can make their transaction less expensive, whether sending ETH or sending ERC-20 tokens.

Through the Micro Lightning Network, the development team aims to create a tool to open payment channels for decentralized APP developers, bypassing some of the complexities planned for the full version of the Thunderbolt network.

Development team in September said:

"Through conversations with decentralized APP developers, we noticed that many of them simply want to use the lightning network as a robust multi-to-one payment channel system; one service provider can serve many recurring customers. "
On GitHub, developer Lefteris Karapetsas wrote yesterday that the release was designed to detect bugs in the code and limit the maximum number of thunderbolts (RDNs) that can be reloaded for trading.

He wrote:

This is a bug to reward the main network release. We recommend using only a small amount of RDN for channel recharging. For this reason, we have limited the max recharge limit to 100RDN.