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Memeus users wind their husks in an attempt to earn Ethereum

Users of the Memeus platform , which allows users to earn money on memes, wind up huskies to earn more crypto currency. About this magazine ForkLog told the project manager Mark Shane.

According to him, the developers of the site provided such a version of the development of events and have the opportunity to track the wrap-up. Users who violate the rules are promised to block.

"Frod, of course there is, as without him. The site has a fairly transparent structure, so we see the wrapping at once. The administration of the resource will block such users and disable their payment, " Shane said.
Meanwhile, for three days since the launch, the number of registered Memeus members has exceeded 40 thousand, and the top posts have already gained almost 500-700 likes. The project is funded by advertisers, and most of the revenue is shared between users: 35% are readers, 55% are content creators. The remaining 10% of revenue is collected by the administration.

"The more popular a meme, the more money its author will receive. One good picture brings 300-500 rubles. To the author is guaranteed to receive a reward, his meme should collect at least five likes, "Mark Shane said.
He also noted that Memeus is part of a large and complex project in the field of copyright protection, and the site is used to test the technology of blockades and its capabilities.

"We are interested in the ability to clearly identify the content of a content when copying it. We want ultimately to get a system that can track copies of certain materials, who they are located, where and when, and with absolute accuracy determine them. In this case, we are not going to conduct ICO. We do not believe that it is something bad, but now we do not need involvement on the part of the money, with the tasks that we have we cope financially on their own " , - said Shane.

It is expected that a new project to protect copyright content will be launched by early 2019.
Let's remind, earlier ForkLog informed about the Belarusian social network Steepshot on the basis of the blockade, in which users receive tokens for husks to their photos.