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Ma goes to talk bitcoin: Global trade and financial order will change, I do not think we are ready

On the morning of December 5, Jack appeared in Shanghai and interviewed CNBC with Howard Schultz, chairman of the board of directors of Starbucks . In an interview, CNBC reporters specifically asked about the topic of currency. Speaking of money, it is inevitable to talk about the dollar and the continued rise in bitcoin. Reporter asked, many people think Bitcoin is a bubble, I am curious, do you accept bitcoin?

Schultz said frankly: "I do not know bitcoin, I focus on coffee business."

And Jack Ma has been asked in public several times on Bitcoin views, this time he replied:

"I do not know Bitcoins at all, and I'm particularly puzzled.Even if he really works, the rules of the world trade and financial order will change completely. I do not think we are ready. So I'm still concerned Alipay, concerned about the yuan, the dollar, the euro.
We have a team that specializes in currency and a team that works on blockchain. We spend a lot of energy on the development of the blockchain, but bitcoin is not what I need to do, and we are not concerned with bitcoin. We are concerned about China's cash society, focusing on what we can do. Making this society more efficient and transparent is our goal of promoting a cashless society. "

In contrast to the ambiguous attitude toward bitcoin, Alibaba's contribution to the blockchain is obvious to all. December 3, Wuzhen Internet Conference, Ant Financial Gold on a high-profile showcase of its block chain results .

The future Ma Yun's attitude toward Bitcoin will change, how do you think?