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Liquidity Network: Combine Lightning Network with Ethereum Wallets

The two technologies used to scale Bitcoin and Ethereum networks seem to be converging.

This week, Arthur Gervais, a research fellow at ETH Zurich, demonstrated in his newly released video presentation an Ethereum wallet that might be close to the lightning network mechanism, a payment protocol used to strengthen Bitcoin.

This is a small step that deserves attention, as the offchain payment network has long been regarded as a Bitcoin and Ethereum expansion solution. Although this wallet has not yet been put into use, Gervais's new project "Liquidity Network" ( Liquidity Network), which demonstrated that DEMO also means that more members of the Ethereum community will pay attention to this technology.

For users, its wallet features similar to other Ethereum wallets, it also allows users to accept and send Ethereum Department tokens. But on the lower level, the wallet can be more complicated, as users can not connect directly, and wallet can allow users to connect to the so-called "hub."

In the DEMO demo, Gervais demonstrates that a user saves 100wei Ether (Ethereum's unit) into the hub.

Once connected, the user can initiate payments to any other user connected to the same "hub," during which Gervais sends 50wei Ether to one user and sends 30wei Ether to another.

Liquidity Network is building a relatively new offchain network for Ethereum that could offer alternatives to the well-known Raiden development.

Unlike lightning networks, Liquidity uses a slightly different technique (Revive Payment Gateway), the model first proposed by a Liquidity Network founder in a September white paper .