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Lightning network landing bitcoin main network, the first transaction has been declared successful

Lightning Network transactions have been successfully executed on the mainnet of the Bitcoin, marking the first step toward technological upgrading and will improve the user experience in the future.

Lightning Network Online Bitcoin main network

Crypto currency trader and commentator Vortex announced on Christmas Day that the lightning network RC1 has released a trial version and the main network transaction has also been completed.

The lightning network is arguably the "second tier" upgrade for the much anticipated Bitcoin network. Once deployed, users are able to send BTC instantly with a low fee.

Vortex notes that the beta version of the main web will be released soon, but users have been able to learn ahead of time how to profit from this deployment.

Web sites such as Starblocks and have already begun to receive lightning network payments.

Currently, anyone can create a wallet in the lightning network trading test platform and use the Test Currency (tBTC) to explore the operation of this technology. Transactions using this tool can usually be completed in seconds.

Critics of bitcoin

In addition to being an investment vehicle, some investors have long been interested in using bitcoin for micro-payments, and every advance in the network has been very exciting to them.

As mainstream consumers move toward cryptocurrencies, bitcoin fees have surpassed 1,000 pts / byte this month, so miners have reason to deliberately slow down transaction processing.

Although segwit address charges less, many large wallet providers and payment processors do not support this format of address, resulting in a worse user experience for Bitcoin users and businesses.

Elizabeth Stark, co-founder of Lightning Labs, commented on the project's prospects for the coming year, and said she expected to see the technology do what other projects could not do.

In the meantime, bitcoin itself has been under tremendous pressure as it fell by $ 6,000 last week.

At present, due to the market is very optimistic about Bitcoin technology prospects, the price has regained its return to more than 15,000 US dollars. Bitcoin transaction costs and time-to-go improvements will gradually erode criticism from outsiders, precisely because of this criticism that the popularity of bitcoin cash (BCH) has risen.