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Leaking user files, withholding funds and escalating upside down: How will B network cope with more and more oversight?

Bittrex, the well-known cryptocurrency exchange, is facing more and more scrutiny in recent weeks. A Russian Telegram channel indicated that a user's passport information and other sensitive data were inadvertently forwarded to users of the exchange on a message sent by the exchange. In addition, a large number of Iranian traders are complaining that they are being blocked from using the platform, rendering them unable to withdraw cash. Finally, a man who himself admits to being a market maverick claims he has purchased a Tesla using the profits earned through the platform's competitive reversal.

B network accidentally shared the user's KYC data by mail

An individual seeking B-KYC certification posted a post on the Russian Telegram channel claiming to have received passport files and other sensitive data from other KYC-compliant users. The owner claimed to have received the data in an e-mail from Website B, which said his KYC validation has been rejected.

This mail from B network not only includes the user's own passport data, but also some user's data is forwarded to him. The user wrote: "Do you want to see some crazy things? B network mixed their manual user account verification process.Now I am now seeing a user's passport and his selfie," which A user also attached a screenshot of this email.

B Network has already responded to the incident by stating that "Bittrex was very serious about privacy and we quickly started working on this isolated incident in which a handful of user files were inadvertently incorporated into a Customer Service Support mail , Bittrex has taken steps to ensure that viewing of these files is removed from the support site and we plan to contact the affected users and provide them with a two-year identity theft protection service. "

Iranian traders accused B net detain their funds

Iranian traders claiming they used to trade on the B network are complaining that because of sanctions in the United States, they are blocked from accessing the B network, leaving them with no way of withdrawing funds from their accounts.

Yasser Ahmadi from Lioncomputer said:

"These problems have been bothering us for a long time, which started about two years ago when Poloniex and Bitfinex announced at the time that Iranian users needed to withdraw their funds and leave the exchange, and we now encounter the same Question: Since October 12, Network B has closed the Iranian accounts without any notice and has not responded to our inquiry emails. "
Ahmadi added:

"I do not think Bitcoin should be governed by the regulatory process that the United States is doing, and they use bitcoin's liquidity to control the needs of people around the world and reach their own political interests - not in line with Bitcoin and the District The definition of blockchain violates the spirit of such a system. "

Claiming "market manipulator" bought a Tesla by using the money earned on the B-Net upside down

One trader from Belgium professed to "market manipulated using WebB," and discussed through the media about his experience of upside down. The trader said "market manipulation is everywhere." The trader claims to have run a Telegram-based upside-down group that has estimated that he has made hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits and has purchased a Tesla and paid a deposit for a small house.

At the end of November, Web site B released a statement warning the pull-panel groups that "Web-Net discourages any type of market manipulation, including pull-tab groups." We will be suspended in accordance with our terms of service And close any account engaged in such activities and notify the authorities. "