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Israeli regulators do not allow Bitcoin-related companies to include the TASE stock index

Earlier this afternoon, ISA President Shmuel Hauser, outgoing president at the Tel-Aviv Securities Exchange (TASE), held a seminar to support high-tech growth and debt financing, talking about his views on regulatory and investor protection in the technology revolution.

He said: "We want to make sure that the rapid development of financial technology will not be an innovation that creates chaos and does not want financial technology to be seen as a jungle of unregulated investment opportunities." According to his speech, Bitcoin's technological innovation and Other areas are different. The keynote address will include bitcoin-related digital currencies and other innovations.

When it comes to the bitcoin bubble the regulators typically talk about, Shmuel Hauser added: "I want to emphasize that we will not allow companies that are completely attached to the value of bitcoin to join the TASE index, such as Mashabei Teva. Nor will it allow transactions in Bitcoin-like currencies like virtual currencies, which will continue until ISA has found a reasonable regulatory framework. "

Separately mentioned by ISA chairman Shmuel Hauser is Mashabei Teva, an Israeli-listed precious metals company that rose 3750% after it announced a move to cryptocurrency mining. At this point I was writing the article, regulatory news came out Mashabei Teva shares plunge 36%.

Although regulatory oversight, ISA executives at today's meeting said they would still embrace innovation on the other hand, Shmuel Hauser said: "For ICO, I believe we will have a Regulatory approaches that make everyone satisfied may be controversial but worth the risk. "