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Inventory of white five major misunderstandings in the digital money market

Into the digital currency industry, met a lot of big cattle, also saw a lot of new leeks. The so-called "successful people each have their own brilliant, but the losers are similar." Although we can not say that the new leek is "a failure," there is still a long way to go before it succeeds. And many new people do exist some common misunderstanding, generally collected a bit for the industry reference.

Misunderstanding 1, I come to the ring is to make big money, quick to tell one hundred times the currency thousand dollars where?
Interpretation : one broke into, you want such a high rate of return? I will not tell you if I can tell you, can you believe? Dare All in?

Although the blockchain is a nascent industry, even in new areas, we must abide by the basic rules of the world - no matter in which industry, you want to do well, a certain amount of knowledge and experience accumulation are inevitable.

Although there are many young people in the blockchain arena, they do rely on the understanding of the blockchain to overtake previous generation turns, but not to say that the younger the better in this field. Young is not a sufficient condition for success in this field, but only a necessary condition - because young, so it is easier to accept new things, but also more able to accumulate more knowledge and experience than the previous generation in the area of ​​blockchain.

Suggestions: If you are not particularly aware of the operating principle of the blockchain, then please put aside a big dream, honestly follow the cattle tutoring some basic knowledge of it.

Misunderstanding 2, XX currency growth rate is really fast, doubled within a few days, the prospect of lofty, and quickly chase.

Interpretation: Hey, you said the currency, is not what "doubled in a few days." Many times, this description is a media gimmick, used to frighten laymen.

In the world of digital currencies, most currencies rise or fall very suddenly, often doubling or slashing in a matter of hours, before it tends to go through a long sideways or long-term period, except Makers, no one knows when it will rise.

In fact, because the participants in the market are perceptual, sometimes even the bookmakers can not accurately predict the timing and magnitude of the rise. You think, if you can predict the trend of each currency, and then continue to change the track, the ring marked several times a dozen times more than a few years, you will become the richest man in the world - This is obviously impossible.

Suggestions: Or above the sentence, into the area of ​​blockchain, when do not forget to charge. Knowledge can help you gain insight into the true potential value of a currency. The difference between this value and the current price is an important basis for your investment decision: how much to invest, how much to invest, and how long.

Figure: Ethereum has also been sideways for a long time before becoming a thousand-fold coin

Misunderstanding 3, the eggs can not be placed in a basket, we have to configure some asset types.
Interpretation: "Do not put all your eggs in a basket," the source, from 1981 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics James Tobin. Why do not we put eggs in a basket? Because fear of eggs will be one-time all broken, that is to say, the purpose is to protect eggs, spread the risk.

However, most people only saw the first half of Toby's sentence, but did not know there was a second sentence: "But do not put too much in the basket."

We all know that the smaller the risk, the smaller the return. For example, you configured your 10% asset to a factor of ten (which is currently a matter of chance). A year later, the currency rose tenfold. Assuming you did not have any other currency So up, then your total assets more than doubled this year, far below the average income level of the currency circle.

The heaven-sent opportunity was so wasted by you.

Recommendation: For beginners, do not understand a variety of digital currencies in the case, you can configure a few more targets, one is to resist the risk, and second, you can learn more about the field. However, with some knowledge and experience, if you want to get a higher level of income, you should focus on a few more confident, optimistic about the currency.

Of course, confidence does not come by and there, it needs to be built on your solid understanding of blockchain assets, so you still have to - learn.

Misunderstanding 4, I want to be a steady value of investors, after holding the money will never let go.
Interpretation: Rest assured, you absolutely can not hold.

Let's take bitcoin as an example. Now that bitcoin has exceeded 10,000 U.S. dollars, many people do not know that this popular global investment target dropped from 8,800 yuan to over 900 yuan in 2013-14. How many people can see that their assets evaporated by 90%? For a time, countless investors fought against each other, while Bitcoin was hovering for a year at a low level. Few people have expected that this thing will be re-appearance in a few years. No wonder some people say that the only way to make a fortune is to go to prison in jail money - because you absolutely can not have a chance to watch the trades and the psychological shock to the market fluctuations will be less.

Suggestion: If you are really ready to be a medium to long term user, you should learn to stabilize your emotions and incite to suspect life by noise.

However, the words out, the old leeks are educated by the market, just entered the digital currency market, watching their money evaporate 50% to 60%. How many people can face like Pinghu? After all, there are real hard-earned money. So in fact, the new leek intersection tuition is normal, how can we grow without storm.

 Figure 2013-2014 bitcoin collapse

Myth # 5, in order to avoid market fluctuations affect mood. We want to learn from Li Xiaolai, do not pay attention to it after he has deposited the currency, and wait a few months for a few years before I look at it again.
Interpretation: Li laugh to store but bitcoin, you store gold coins or dog coins to try, I guarantee the next time you read the disk to cry out loud.

Recommendation: The so-called hoarding money, not to let you blindly Shigekura a currency holding in before you have to have enough knowledge and experience of the currency application scenarios, the operating team, the performance of a more thorough Analysis and understanding, this can take wholeheartedly take these months or even years, is the so-called suspect money not store, store money doubtless. If you do not understand the situation, put a long line, the time to engage in a bad scene may be extremely ugly.

Conclusion: In the blockchain industry, we are currently students.

It is not hard to see that you want to get out of the above five errors, learning is always a hurdle you can not bypass. As an emerging industry, few people now have the courage to say that they are special senior experts in the area of ​​blockchain. Although there is a gap in the cognitive level, most people are still in the groping phase. In the foreseeable time, learning and charging, will always be the theme of this industry.