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In the main network Ethereum launched a light version of the protocol of micropayments Raiden

The light version of the Raiden micropayment protocol was successfully launched in the main network Ethereum.

The protocol called μRaiden (pronounced "micro Raiden) is a simpler version of the Raiden Network, which is often compared to the Lightning Network solution for the bitcoin network. In fact, it is a unidirectional payment channel that allows users to poison resources to predefined users without writing data to a public block, while still protecting the Ethereum network.

As previously reported by the developers, despite its simplicity and lack of a number of functions of the main protocol, μRaiden offers such a format of payment channels that request some decentralized applications, for example, news channels or data stores. It is noteworthy that such channels also support the ERC-20 standard.

Raiden's main solution was activated in the Ethereum test network in September, and in October and November the protocol developers conducted the ICO , collecting about $ 50 million (109,532ETH) for further development.

The exact timing of the launch of Raiden Network is not yet known, but it can be assumed that the developers will try to do this as quickly as possible, considering the number of transactions in the network approaching their maximum in terms of bandwidth.

Earlier, the Swiss researcher Ethereum Artur Gervais presented a demo version of the Liquidity Network project , which will allow Ethereum-purses to introduce and use an off-protocol for payment channels.