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Grandma forced me to sell bitcoin because Forbes CEO told her it was a scam

Have you ever wondered when you're flirting with bitcoin over the $ 10,000 mark as you fight over the orthodox status of bitcoin and bitcoin cash and community members, outside of this diehard community? What do people think about bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a fraud, do not be fooled!

Recently, a netizen on reddit has been troubled. He said he is a college student and has always held some bitcoin for investment. Just in the recent Thanksgiving dinner, his parents and grandma mentioned his "hodler" status. Grandma knew that they had to force him to sell bitcoin.

Well behind this reason, it is also quite bizarrely (pa). The grandmother met Forbes CEO Forbes a few months ago on the plane, telling grandmother Bitcoin is a hoax, and then there is Thanksgiving dinner this farce.

Netizens feel very speechless, after all, Grandma did not know before bitcoin what is, have never done any research, just listen to the so-called word of the big man to believe ... so he posting questions, the elderly generally hear bitcoin What will be the reaction?

Many users see this post with the organization to find like, but also began to Tucao their own family's performance.

Some people say that his uncle is half doomed. His uncle bitcoin bitterly as a scam as his uncle's shop dismissed the contract with a partner in a Bitcoin ATM machine. He told his uncle after he heard that he bought a bit of bitcoin now almost doubled, uncle did not say he gave a gossamer.

There are also other attempts to keep Bitcoin with family members shut down ... The poor netizen never mentioned bitcoin in front of his family. However, recently because of the soaring price of the currency, his family hanged him every day instead of buying currency.

Even more frightening is that there are friends because they want to set up a cryptocurrency club, so I went to find a school of senior computer science professor consultant. He told the professor about Bitcoin and the blockchain, and after hearing the professor rejected his invitation, for fear that the value of bitcoin might get higher and higher, eventually making his retirement fund worthless (excuse me ?? ?).

In this view, is it not that young people are able to accept new technologies regardless of their higher education?

Actually not. Many netizens said their parents had asked them to help buy bitcoin for retirement. There is also a 92-year-old grandma who has been buying bitcoin after listening to his grandson's introduction.

Informal small survey

See crooked fruit friends around or extreme or inclusive example, I also tempted. I risked by the micro-channel friends pull the danger of black, specially picked a few good friends talked about.

After several friendly conversations, the author found that my WeChat friends have heard bitcoin, but did not thoroughly understand this encrypted currency. The reason they know Bitcoins is that this year's skyrocketing prices, overwhelming media coverage and the fact that friends are among the speculators cause they have to type in bitcoin.

Although there are not many people who take the initiative to learn bitcoin, what surprises the author is that in this small survey, none of them claimed that bitcoin was a scam and no one even threatened to rescued the author from pyramid schemes.

What's even more surprising is that I also found two friends who have different understandings of bitcoin (I never talked to them about bitcoin before). One of them told me that the strength of bitcoin lies in its privacy and its disadvantage lies in its privacy (high and low). As for whether to buy bitcoin, he thinks it depends on what the currency means to him. He said Bitcoin is a luxury, not a necessity, to him.

Another of my friends told me with great excitement that she is bitcoin's iron powder. She thinks Bitcoin is a good investment, and she is willing to buy bitcoin.

As can be seen from this informal survey, most outsiders do not know bitcoin from its subtle underlying technology, but rather from God's normal price movements. This probably also reflects the status quo of the domestic currency circle: whether he is good at technology or not, it is a good project to turn over a hundredfold.

In addition, everyone's opinion of Bitcoin is not that extreme either. This survey also interviewed a university teacher, he does not think Bitcoin is a scam.

This shows that while friends in your circles are busy contributing to the community, they should also help increase the popularity of bitcoin and make more people aware of this decentralized cryptocurrency, recognizing its advantages, Recognize its potential, and accelerate the pace of this technology subverting the world.

Finally, thanks to WeChat friends do not pull the black grace! Attach reddit users in the article at the beginning of the post left in the God reply.

1. She just wants to buy short and then buy low, grandma this time do not want to lie to me again! Steve also let me buy Motorola in 2000, I still remember this hatred! 3. Thank God Thank you ~ Sitting next to Grandma is not Jamie Dimon (JP Morgan Chase).

What if she had an unbridled talk about bitcoin in front of your grandmother?