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Gongxinbao won the "Blockchain Technology Application Summit of China" annual outstanding blockchain project award

The 2017 China Blockchain Technology Application Summit (BTAS2017) with the theme of "Opening the Blockchain Application Landing" was held on December 21 in Shanghai Grand. As the leader of blockchain data exchange transaction solution, Invited to attend this summit. At the same time, nearly a thousand technical elites in the area of ​​blockchain will focus on topics such as frontier technological innovation in the blockchain industry, development of industrial policies and application scenarios, etc., and analyze the impact of blockchain technology in such fields as finance, cybersecurity, academic education, internet of things, supply chain management, Copyright, cloud storage, archives, energy management and other fields in order to promote the development of a new generation of information technology industries.

In the form of a conference + exhibition, the summit will showcased a large number of well-known blockchain technology solution providers and outstanding projects, and made outstanding contributions in recognition of innovative and competitive enterprises and products in the area of ​​blockchain Individuals, the organizing committee to integrate industry resources, the establishment of the annual blockchain technology innovation award "Golden Chain Award" selection, hand in hand with industry third-party agencies, investment agencies, industry organizations, media and expert representatives of the appraisal committee selected the awards .

Among the awards, Gongxinbao was awarded the Gold Chain Award of the Summit - "Outstanding Blockchain Project of 2017", and made a keynote speech as a participant to show the industry and media friends that Gongxinbao is based on the blockchain technology Of the public trust chain, to a centralized data exchange and a series of data exchange solutions, business progress and future development plans.

The sharing of Gongbao at the meeting also attracted the attention of many developers and participants at the meeting and conducted in-depth exchanges after the meeting.