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Gong Xinbao won 36 kr new commercial 100 "Technology of the Year Award"

On December 12, 2017, Gong Min Bao CEO Huang Minqiang was invited to attend the "WISE New Business Conference" organized by the well-known technology media 36 Krypton at the Beijing International Convention Center and won the "Technology of the Year Award" presented by the conference. The other four projects competing with Gong Xin Bao and winning the "Technology of the Year Award" are Drips Travel, Wisdom Intelligence (Hua Da Gene Precise Medical Project), Kuang Vision Technology (++), Sophie Technology (Flexible Display Technology leader). Among all the awards presented by the General Assembly, Gongxinbao is also the only award-winning blockchain project and one of the youngest companies.

WISE's New Business Conference is organized by 36 krypton's top business schools, venture capital agencies and media to focus, report and present new business-based civilizations driven by new technologies and new capital in this era of innovation. These include the New Business Summit, New Retail Summit, business service summit, investor summit, the new wind summit five plates. Guests including Mr. Xu Xiaoping, founder of True Genetics, Mr. Li Kaifu, Chairman of Innovation Workshop, Mr. Zhang Ying, founder of Jingwei Venture Capital, Mr. Zhu Xiaohu, Managing Director of Jinsha River Ventures, Mr. Gao Hongbing, Dean of Ali Research Institute, founder and chief strategist of brand strategy Li Wanqiang and so on. The presence of more than 1,000 guests and audience.

According to the innovation and innovation of candidates, the influence of the industry and the future value, Gongxinbao's "New Business 100 Technology Award" was evaluated based on the votes of the jury (with a weight of 90%) and online voting (Weight accounted for 10%) selected from. Among them, the jury was composed of 36 Krypton, CEIBS, The Economist, FT Chinese, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fergus Fund and True Genetics, representing technology media, top business schools, economists and renowned Investment agencies optimistic about the project and affirmed. In addition to the final stand out of the public trust five other companies, participate in the "Technology of the Year" selection of Microsoft China, Ant Financial, Aliyun, IDF, Baidu AI, go out to ask and many other outstanding projects, are represented The highest level in the industry. Blockchain, as a nascent and near-revolutionary technology, has received increasing attention along with Fintech, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, one of the most prominent examples of which is Blockbuster.

Since September, the public letter Po commercial ground, the public letter Po business is making rapid progress. It is reported that since November, Gongxinbao's cooperative enterprises have increased by more than 10, including both large-scale mutual-capitalization enterprises such as 360 and big data exchange centers in Zhejiang and data collaborators such as Aladdin Health. However, there are also increasing number of partners in application development based on GXChain. Overseas projects have also emerged in China, which will work together to bring Comba's data exchange mode to the floor in other countries.