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Goldman Sachs CEO Voice Again: Bitcoin is not my dish

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein does not seem to have liked it since the bitcoin price has soared to $ 10,000 and then has swung widely.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Blankfein described the cryptocurrency as "a fraud implement." He also believes that Bitcoin, a highly volatile asset, can not be an effective currency or hedge.

A single day can fluctuate up and down 20% of the assets is not like currency, also does not meet the conditions of preservation. If it works - it gets more sophisticated, its trading patterns are more like hedges, it does not show a 20% one-day float, and it's liquid - and we start to accept it .
This week, bitcoin reached a new high of $ 11,441 at Bitfinex, but then fell below the $ 10,000 psychological level. As of press time, bitcoin prices were around $ 9,700 (Bitfinex Deals) - a drop of almost $ 2,000 compared with the highest price, but still up 20%.

Despite ongoing reports that Goldman Sachs is considering launching a large-scale cryptocurrency trading platform, Blankfein said it has neither made nor planned to develop a "bitcoin strategy," even though the CME, Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and even Nasdaq have plans to launch bitcoin futures contracts on their trading platforms .

The Goldman Sachs CEO said:

When do I have to formulate a bitcoin strategy? Anyway, not today.
Blankfein once said that although he himself is not optimistic about bitcoin, he would be open-minded and would not allow his own bias to influence Goldman Sachs into the realm of cryptocurrency trading.

Now, however, Blankfein, like Michael Bloomberg, a Bitcoin skeptic, is showing more hostility toward cryptocurrencies than it used to be.

He concluded:

Bitcoin is not my dish. In the past 20 years, many things I did not like are successful, but I will not guess (bitcoin) is feasible.