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God predicts venture capitalist Tim Draper advises the president of Argentina to invest in bitcoin

Tim Draper, a famous venture capitalist and bitcoin investor, recently met with Argentine President Mauricio Marci and Cabinet Chief Marcos Pena. It is reported that Mr. Draper suggested that President Macall should invest in bitcoin.

During a forum organized by the Argentine Ministry of Production, Mr. Draper met with President Macri and Markos Pena
The report pointed out that during his trip to Argentina, Mr. Draper wore a tie marked with the flag of Bitcoin. When interviewed by the local media, he described bitcoin as a "social change," a "new global Currency form. " Although Mr. Draper admits that there is still a long way to go to encrypt money, Bitcoin, in his view, has become an important part of society,

"If the local currency collapses (and that's what happened), anyone who owns the bitcoin will be safe and sound," he said.

(Tim Draper)

The Argentinean local media said that during a private meeting with President Mauricio Marchi, Mr. Draper suggested that distributed ledger technology (DLT) could be used to "end bureaucracy" so that when all the governments compete It is possible to give Argentina a competitive advantage. Using the "agri-food industry" as an example, Mr. Draper illustrates the application of this new technology, including bitcoin and blockchain, that could make Argentina the industry leader.

(Argentine President Mauricio Maccillay)

Bitcoin continues to grow in Argentina

Recently, Mr. Draper has gained even more prominence in the cryptocurrency space because of his earlier forecasts. As early as September 2014, Draper told media sources that bitcoin would reach $ 10,000 in three years, since the bitcoin was still below $ 500 at the time, a prediction that made him quite large at the time Questioning And in July 2014, Mr. Draper made a splash of nearly 30,000 bitcoins at a time from the bitcoin auction at the US Legal Aid Service, sensationalizing the entire VC community.

However, there are reports that the Argentine government does not seem to care about Bitcoin, Lucas Llach, deputy governor of the Argentine Central Bank, said in August this year that the central bank is not worried about Bitcoin and its related applications. In October of this year, the media also reported that the Argentine government is using Opentimestamps, a bitcoin-based decentralized application, to record the publication of its daily official announcement. Last month, Argentina's largest futures market, Rofex, also announced that it is exploring the introduction of cryptocurrency trading products.