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FSP has released a new 2000-watt power supply for miners

The power supply unit (PSU) is one of the most important components for any device, although its role is often underestimated. Unsurprisingly, companies that manufacture power supplies are starting to produce products that specialize in mining. There are companies like Enermax, EVGA, Leadex. They produce very powerful power supplies that were not originally intended for use in ASIC mining or in GPU mining, but are increasingly being used in this area. However, Fortron (FSP) announced its plans to release the first 2000W power supply - FSP2000-A0AGPBI, intended for miners, and not for gamers or enthusiasts.

A good power source for miners should provide high output power, good efficiency, reliability and, above all, a sufficient number of power connectors to meet all the needs that are required by the miner. FSP has created FSP2000-A0AGPBI, providing users with a good product, which includes 80 PLUS Platinum and 16x 6 + 2 PCI-E connectors. This should be enough for a large number of video cards or ASIC-miners that fit into the power specification of the power supply. The only drawback is the lack of peripheral connectors, since they are smaller than we would like to have on a power supply unit with a power of 2000 W, since these connectors are often used for connecting risers and it is not recommended to connect more than two pieces per line.

The power unit FSP2000-A0AGPBI looks rather primitive. It does not have any indicators and lights, as, for example, on high-quality game blocks. It focuses on performance and features. You could expect an excellent price, which will be an interesting alternative to already existing similar products, but, unfortunately, the preliminary cost will be 450 euros, and you can buy 2000W Leadex with similar characteristics cheaper, and the price is known to be one of the important factors, which must be taken into account.

Thus, the FSP does not meet the expectations of consumers, since they do not take into account all the requirements that the miners would like to receive from the miner's power supply. However, the fact that the company strives to produce equipment specialized on mining is very encouraging.