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'Fruit sister' Katy Perry talked to Buffett about Bitcoin

Katy Perry, a popular American singer, recently stepped away from his busy work and talked to Warren Buffett about his view of Bitcoin .

The singer uploaded a photo on Instagram. Here, 68 million fans testified to Perry's meeting with the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, who took advantage of this opportunity to learn Buffett's position on the digital money market.

"Asked Buffett's view on cryptocurrencies," said Perry, who delivered 110 million Twitter fans. As for what Buffett said, Perry did not announce it. But Buffett has long been open to the Bitcoin statement.

As the world's richest man and a well-known value investor, Buffett has criticized the digital money market, especially bitcoin. As early as 2014, he called for people to stay away from bitcoin, considering it a mirage and "just a joke."

Last month, Buffett once again expressed his opinion on cryptocurrencies, this time saying that the price of bitcoin is a bubble and he himself is not optimistic about the potential of ICO. In the meantime, he said:

You can not evaluate the value of bitcoin because it is an asset that can not generate value.
Just as Perry chatted with Buffett, the digital money market is experiencing skyrocketing sales, with cryptocurrency market cap reaching $ 365.1 billion as of press time. Bitcoin's price increase is particularly large, the current price has reached 12,400 US dollars, once again created a new high.

Perry posted this photo with Buffett talking about the digital currency market to prove cryptocurrency is one step closer to the mainstream. In this way, Perry may have attracted a large number of potential investors among many fans.

These potential investors do not refer to Wall Street bankers' view of the technology, preferring to follow idols to choose whether or not to invest.