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Forbes - Bitcoin is like a platypus, it is the creator of a new species

Platypus is perhaps the most peculiar creature on earth today. It is a mammal, but an ovum, with a duck bill, a beaver tail, and a pair of otter's feet. It stands to reason that these organs that they have can not be combined together.

In fact, when the scientists involved in the study of platypuses, they ignored a joke - platypus is an impossible existence, its characteristics by the three different animal groups and four different genera.

Even if further physical examination is conducted, the conclusion is consistent: "When scientists first studied specimens of preserved platypuses, they considered it false, someone deliberately sewing different animals together "

Only then did some scientists make the most elaborate studies before they finally believed in the true existence of this creature. Twenty years after the platypus was identified, some top anatomists, such as Robert Knox, doubt the authenticity of this "absurd impostor" and produce the scarcity of species and the Eastern Mermaid and other artistic creations The animals fall into one category.

Even when the platypus has been widely recognized by the public and has become a legally protected animal, its classification is also debated: what type of animal is it? People have proven that platypuses are not good at life skills for ducks, beavers, or otters, and are not even reptiles. Platypus is just a platypus!

Finally, because of its extreme specialization, scientists have had to create a new category of creatures to include in it.

Bitcoin is also very similar in that it has the characteristics of all types of assets: Bitcoin can be used for payment like a currency, scarce like a commodity, and has a "dividend" (like a hard fork) like a stock.

Public reaction to bitcoin is just like the response to platypuses at the outset:

"At this moment I am skeptical about Bitcoin." - William Dudley, president of the New York Fed
"It's a fraud." - JPMorgan CEO Jimmy Dimon
"For me it should be declared illegal and it does not have any useful function." - George Stiglitz, Nobel laureate in economics
"Bitcoin is not valuable because it is not a value-added asset." - Warren Buffett

"Digital money is nothing, it's just a scam ... they're not 'real !!!' No one has a way to get me to understand these currencies." Howard Capital, Founder and Chairman, Oak Capital Partners.

Bitcoin is really a weird beast - that's why investors find ways to understand it: when Bitcoin has characteristics of other different assets, it does not belong to any of the previous asset classes, which gives rise to people A psychological barrier that makes it hard to think of bitcoin as an asset.

Money investors will tell you Bitcoin is not a currency because it is not widely regarded as a denomination (goods are not priced in bitcoin) and commodity investors will tell you Bitcoin is not a commodity because you can not touch it, of course, bit Nor is a currency a financial technology company because it has no CEO or headquarters at all.

However, all these arguments ignore the fact that bitcoin is not good at being used as a currency, commodity or financial technology company. The value of bitcoin is that it is bitcoin. Like platypus, bitcoin is a new category The creator